1935 Hopper, 3-bay Covered

Manufacturer:River Raisin Models
Manufacturer ID:OMI-1613
Category:Hopper, 3-bay Covered
Prototype Year/Era:1935
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Prototype Class:H30
Model Introduced:1989
Product Type:Brass
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Prototype Link:visit site
These models were built by Ajin Precision of Korea, and imported by Overland Models for River Raisin Models. They arrived unpainted (see Photo #4). However, River Raisin also sold some as painted and lettered for the PRR, Conrail, and N&W. The main photo and Photo #2 are of Bill Lane's model which he painted, lettered, and weathered (note that these cars were used in cement service, so they got quite dirty). The N&W 3-bay hopper, class HC-1, was a copy of the PRR H30, which Jim Kindraka modeled, and is shown in Photo #3. A historical note: the project was started by The Patch Corporation, but during the project, the company declared bankruptcy. They underwrote a portion of the financing for this project. However, as you can see, River Raisin continued with the project anyway.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © Bill Lane

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