1947 Gondola

Manufacturer:Rex Engineering
Manufacturer ID:7
Prototype Year/Era:1947
Model Introduced:1955
Product Type:Craftsman Kit
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The low-side gondola was a one-piece car body casting kit made out of zamac (a zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloy). It was available in scale (ID #7) or hi-rail (ID #8) versions. Trucks were available separately, but the kit did not come with them nor decals. The product was reviewed in the January 1963 S Gauge Herald (see Online Article link). It was listed in the 1968 S&P Distributors catalog (see Supplemental link). The model shown in the main photo is owned by Randy Brown. The Southern gondola (#55961-56560) was the actual prototype for this model. The main photo shows Dick's model, which was built by Randy Brown, and painted and lettered for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western using Enhorning decals. Photo #3 shows a load of canisters (desiccators) which were placed using AAR Rules Governing Loads for Open Top Cars guidelines. Kadee S-scale #802 couplers and ACE Bettendorf sprung trucks are used. Photo #4 shows another of Ed's models, which was a hi-rail version which he converted to "scale" appearance and operation. He removed all cast-on grab irons, which were replaced with wire ones. It has Rex trucks and the Kadee S-scale couplers. A complete detailed under-body was added, replacing the simple hi-rail one. It is decaled with Great Decals from Bill Mosteller, a set converted from a Champion set to S-scale. The simulated scrap load is from Royal Train Equipment made to fit in an American Flyer gondola but it fits here loosely. The Virginian G-5 class car is a little longer than the Rex model but the decal fits OK.
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © Dick Karnes

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