1940 Box Car, Single Door

Category:Box Car, Single Door
Prototype Year/Era:1940
Road Name:Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Product Type:Metal Kit
Prototype Dimensions:40'
These kits consisted of a wooden framework (for the floor, two roof strips, end blocks, and spacer blocks), over which the pre-painted/lettered stamped metal sides (not numbered), ends, roof, and roof walk were to be applied. The outside bracing is very shallow, and has rivet impressions beside them. This does not represent a composite wood car. The underframe has the minimum of detail parts applied. The model in the photo still has the HO-scale Kadee ramp-operated couplers from before they invented the magnetically-operated ones. It has, however, been upgraded with American Models sprung Bettendorf type of trucks.
photo © Ed Kirstatter

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