1941 Box Car, Single Door

Manufacturer:Pacific Rail Shops
Manufacturer ID:B-417
Category:Box Car, Single Door
Prototype Year/Era:1941
Road Name:New York, New Haven & Hartford (NH)
Road Number:30096
Model Introduced:1995
Product Type:Kit
Prototype Dimensions:40'
1937 AAR, 40-foot, 10-foot inside-height, round corners. Available in two road numbers. Bill bought the model shown in the photograph "used", but apparently the original builder took the time to make the doors positionable, which is not a feature the PRS kits offered. The trucks on the model are by American Models, and the couplers are Kadee S-scale 802. PRS part number B-411 offered two of these cars in a set.
photo © Bill Winans

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