Refrigerator Car, Ice

Manufacturer:Kinsman Scale Models
Category:Refrigerator Car, Ice
Road Name:O.P.P.X.
Model Introduced:1961
Product Type:Wood Kit
Prototype Dimensions:36'
Fox trucks and truss rods. At the time the photo of the model was taken, Jack no longer recalled the manufacturer. Dick Karnes believes it to be a Kinsman kit, however, Bob Werre believes that only the sides may have been from the Kinsman kit. He thinks that the hatches and the roof are not typical of a Kinsman kit, and that the truss rods are also not typical of their kits. The trucks are by Trainstuff. It could be that Jack built this model from parts of several kits and/or scratchbuilt some of them. We may never know for sure.
photo © Bob Werre

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