A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #27443 Replacement Lamp

Manufacturer:A.C. Gilbert American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:27443
Name:Replacement Lamp
Model Introduced:1957
Finishpainted & lettered
The #27443 Replacement Lamps in this package consisted of three 18-volt green painted lamps. The 9/16" diameter lamps have a screw type base. These were used in switch controllers. The #27443 is the 5-digit version of the #443 that came in a red & white box copyrighted 1956. However, the #27344 was offered from 1957 through 1964. Note the sticker which indicates the #27344 was sold at Gimbles for $0.44 marked down from $0.88.
photo © Ted Hamler

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