A.F. Accessories by Name

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Air Chime Whistle Remote Control Unit
Animated Track Gang
Artificial Coal
Barrel Loader
Bell Danger Signal
Billboard Whistle
Blinker Signal
Block Signal
Boulevard Lamps
Bradford Roadside Diner
Brakeman With Lattern Set
Circus Set Cutouts
City Street Equipment Set
Crossing Gate
Double Street Light
Electromatic Crane
Floodlight Tower
Gabe the Lamplighter
Girder Bridge
Guilford Station
Highway Flasher
Highway Sign Set
Imitation Grass
Loading Platform
Log Loader
Mountain, Tunnel, and Pass Set
Oil Derrick
Overhead Foot | Girder Trestle & Tower Bridges
Piggyback Unloader
Railroad Sign Set
Railroad Terminal
Railway Figures
Royal Portable Typewriter Whistling Billboard
Sam the Semaphore Man
Scenery Gravel
Scenic Straight Panel with Remote Control Whistle
Seaboard Coaler
Semaphore Block Signal
Shell Oil Depot
Single Street Light
Small Water Tower
Special Rail Section with Mail Bag Hook
Station Figure Set
Steam Whistle Control
Stock Yard
Street Lamp
Talking Station
Water Tank
Whistling Billboard
Whistling Billboards

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