A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #762 Billboard Whistle

Manufacturer:A.C. Gilbert American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:762
Name:Billboard Whistle
Model Introduced:1949
Finishpainted & lettered
Produced in 1949 and 1950, the 2-in-1 Billboard Whistle has only one variation. The purpose of this whistle is to give two distant sounds for the model railroader. By pressing one of the two buttons it generates the sound of a distant train. Pressing the second button it gave the sound of a nearby train. This magic was achieved by using a solenoid that diverts the air from the motor through a different chamber in the whistle assembly. In the second photo, which shows the underside of #762, you can see the solenoid and the whistle assembly.
Photo #2
photo © Ted Hamler

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