A.C. Gilbert American Flyer #751 Log Loader

Manufacturer:A.C. Gilbert American Flyer
Manufacturer ID:751
Name:Log Loader
Model Introduced:1946
Finishpainted & lettered
The #751 Log Loader was produced from 1946 through 1950 and has one variation. Early units produced in 1946/47 have a yellow painted Bakelite base and a red painted Bakelite roof while the later units have a black painted Bakelite base and an unpainted Bakelite roof. The model shown in Photos #2 through #4 is from 1946. In the 1952 the 751 was modified and given the new catalog number 751A. One of the major differences is the base was changed from Bakelite to steel with a red Bakelite roof. Photo #4 shows the Log Loader with the 1946 #717 Log Unloading Flatcar and the #710 Special Track Section (these did not come with the #751).
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
photo © Steve Terni

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