Product Gallery: Air Transport

Below are various ways to view the entire listing of known S-scale airplanes, helicopters, and anything else used to transport people via the air.


by Category

all entries grouped by what type of air transport they are


by Manufacturer

limited to entries that have a known model manufacturer

by Material Type

limited to entries that have a known base material from which the model is made



all entries, sorted by their name, with links to detail pages

text only

all entries, sorted by their name, on one page; no photos

missing photos

limited to entries for which we do not yet have a model photo

downloadable text file

all entries.
Note: The column separator is: ^ (see the "6" key). Most spreadsheet applications will let you pick the separator/delimiter to apply when opening this file; if not, then open the file with a text editor and replace all "^" with a character of your choice.
Note: empty-data fields have been populated with "(blank)", otherwise spreadsheet applications don't appear to import the data correctly.

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