Product Gallery: Sn3 Locomotives

This page contains links to reports covering all known 3-foot narrow-gauge S-scale locomotives produced over the decades. We are always looking for photos, or any corrections or updates to the texts.


by Prototype Railroad
limited to entries that were designed for a particular prototype railroad

by Era
limited to entries with a particular prototype introduction year set

by Model Type
organized by prototype model identification (e.g. "2-8-0", "2-6-0", etc.)


by Manufacturer & Type
all entries sorted by model manufacturer, then by model type

by Year Introduced
limited to entries that have a known model-introduction year

by Material Type
limited to entries whose dominant construction material is known


all entries by manufacturer and model type on one page, with links to detail pages

text only
all entries by manufacturer and model type on one page; no photos

missing photos
limited to entries for which we do not yet have a model photo

downloadable text file

all entries. Use column separator of: ^ (see the "6" key). Most spreadsheet applications will let you pick the separator/delimiter; if not, open the file with a text editor and replace all "^" with a character of your choice.

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