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This page provides complete information about all the magazines that cover S-scale solely or routinely, both current and old, in alphabetical order. We have separated the currently-active listing from the old listings. The old listings are still very useful, and you may be able to find them in your local library or on the secondary market.

Active Magazines

Classic Toy Trains

Kalmbach Publishing publishes this monthly magazine. It was started in 1988 and still continuing today. Its target audience is the toy train enthusiast, and so it occasionally has S articles in it.

Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette

This magazine was started by Bob Brown in 1975 and is now continuing to be published by White River Productions. It is a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on both narrow-gauge and shortline modeling. It therefore features S-scale articles fairly regularly.

Railroad Model Craftsman

This magazines as started in 1933, and is continuing to be published by White River Productions on a monthly basis. In addition to the occasional S-scale article in the magazine, the NASG has the inside-the-front-cover ads, promoting S-scale modeling.

The Dispatch

With the closure of the S Gauge Herald in 1978, in which the NASG had a regular column reporting on its activities, then-president of the NASG, Dick Cataldi, started the NASG Newsletter as a separate entity. The following year, Ernie Horr took over the NASG Newsletter, and renamed it The Dispatch. It is published every other month, and covers all topics related to S as well as NASG-specific news. It requires NASG membership, and is an automatic benefit to all active NASG members.

The S Scale Resource

This magazine was started in 2014, and is published by The Model Railroad Resource. It comes out every other month. It is available in digital format only and it is free. It predominantly focuses on "scale" modeling.

Past Magazines

1:64 Modeling Guide

Published by DEBenLLC Publications from 2003 through 2008. Four issues per year. Richard Bendever bought "S/Sn3 Modeling Guide" from Billy Wade, and renamed it.

Published by RLN Publishing from 2008 through 2012, also at four issues per year. Robert Nalbone bought the magazine from Richard Bendever, eventually converting it to a digital-only format, but it was financially un-sustainable. The issues remain available for sale online.

3/16 'S'cale Railroading

This magazine was created and published by Ed Loizeaux from 1989 through 1992, every other month. In the end, the magazine was financially un-sustainable.

Canadian S Scale Quarterly

status: dormant

This magazine/newsletter has had several stewards over time, with the "current" one being Charles Hicks. It was started in 1991 and actively published until 2013, at four issues per year. Since that time, the magazine is now officially dormant.


This magazine was created and published by Ken D. Mackenzie, who is no longer with us. It ran from 1985 through 1989, at 12 issues per year. Its target audience was "scale" modelers, who were also NMRA members.

S Gauge Herald

This magazine was started by David Bulkin in 1960. In 1961 Wally Collins took it over and ran it until 1978. Frank Titman was the magazine's editor. The magazine was shut down due to the high printing costs. Wally personally funded the entire run of the magazine.

Rollie Mercier re-starts the magazine with the July issue of 1986. Then in 1987, with the February issue, he renamed it to "The Herald", with the intent to cover more than just S-scale (which he never actually did). The October 1988 issue was the last one published in this run of the magazine.

Rollie Mercier again re-starts the magazine with its original name with the October 1994 issue, but it seems that that was the only issue he managed to get out.

S Gaugian

Donald Heimburger started this magazine in 1962 when he was 14 years old! Eventually it became part of the Heimburger House Publishing company that he ran. In 2019 Don announced his retirement, and the closing of Heimburger House Publishing. The magazine was published on a bi-monthly basis. It was the longest-running S-only magazine.

S/Sn3 Buyers Guide

In 1993 Billy Wade started this magazine after the closing of the 3/16 'S'cale Railroading with which he was involved. The S/Sn3 Buyers Guide was renamed to the S/Sn3 Modeling Guide in 1995, and was published bi-monthly until 1999.

Slim Gauge News

The publisher of this magazine is unknown, but it was started in 1970 covering Sn3 only. Over time it started covering more general narrow-gauge topics, and morphed into The Narrow Gauge and Shore Line Gazette. This magazine was closed in 1974.

Sn3 Modeler

In 1984 Donald Heimburger started this magazine covering only Sn3 topics, and published by his Heimburger House Publishing company. It ran until 2018 when Don announced his retirement. This magazine was published twice per year.

Magazine Article Indexes

NASG Dispatch

We have a complete article index for all of the publicly-available NASG Dispatch issues; see the Dispatch page.

Non-S Magazines

The indexes below only list S-scale articles (all flavors) in non-S magazines. If you are new to S and you happen to subscribe to any of these magazines, this would be a great way to learn more about what modeling in this scale is about.

External Indexes

These are external links to listings maintained by this web site's webmaster, but on his own, personal web site. These are by no means an exhaustive listing, but every little bit helps.

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