News: Web Site Changes

This page highlights changes made to this web site.

July 03, 2022

July/August 2021, 2022 Dispatch PDFs Available

The public version of the July/August 2021 issue of the NASG's Dispatch is now available. Also, the members-only issue of the July/August 2022 Dispatch PDF can now be downloaded via the "Members Only" portal.

July 02, 2022

Mike Berus Layout Tour Photos

Back in May 2021, Bill Lane was able to visit Mike Berus' layout. He shares with us a number of photos of this large layout. The layout is still under construction, but is mostly fully operational.

June 28, 2022

Magazine Articles Index Updated

The NASG Librarian, Dale Minard, has updated the files that he maintains that contain the index of all the articles found in various model railroading magazines.

June 23, 2022

Layout Entry Added

When a layout is dismantled, it is rare that all or parts of it are used by another modeler. Rusty Westermeier passed away in December 2021. A local member of Rusty's operating crew took over a 2' x12' section of Rusty's layout and placed it in his own basement. Fred Schlegel took photos of the before and after of the layout set up in Eric Reinmiller's basement. Eric has added a backdrop, and several new scenes to the layout.

June 19, 2022

Fred van der Lubbe Shares Photos of His Layout

Fred van der Lubbe has a unique solution to running S, O, and G trains in his outdoor garden layout. He shares a couple of photos with us to get the feel for how the layout is constructed.

June 13, 2022

Lou Templeton Layout Photos Added

Charles Malinowski sent in several photos he took of Lou's layout.

June 07, 2022

Schuco Listing Added to Product Gallery

The recently-discovered German diecast vehicle brand, Schuco, has all of its S-scale vehicles listed in our Product Gallery now. They offer both modernday and classic automobiles of European heritage. The company was started in 1912, went bankrupt in 1972, and was reformed again in 1993. While it had a long and complex history, it is, today, a stand-alone, independent German company which produces models in various scales, including S. In the U.S., there are several retailers that carry Schuco products, so you don't have to deal with importing. These are Awesome Diecast, Target (much like Amazon, it serves as a site for other retailers), Diecast Models Wholesale, Diecast Direct, Amazon, and more.

June 04, 2022

Jim Martin Layout Photos Updated

With permission from both Jim Martin and Dan Dawdy and the S Scale Resource magazine, we have new, up-to-date photos of Jim's layout.

June 04, 2022

Joe Kimber Layout Photos Added

Joe Kimber sent in a couple of photos (added to the bottom of his layout's page) that show recent projects he's been working on.

May 31, 2022

Lehigh Valley Models Sand House Instructions

Gaylord Gill has scanned in the original instruction sheets that accompany the Lehigh Valley Models Sand House kit (LVM42), and these are now available on this web site. You can view all sorts of supplemental information about kits and models by clicking on the "Product Gallery" button, then follow the "Product Notes & Kit Instructions" link on that page.

May 27, 2022

Layouts Info Added

Information for the following layouts has been added: John Henning's, Jack Sudimak's, Mike Warman's, Alvin Clapp's, Bob Yanke's.

May 15, 2022

3D-printed Example

The dedicated page showing examples of 3D-printed efforts has been updated with Randy Griggs' recent work.

May 14, 2022

SHS Concept Drawings Added

Don Thompson sent in 38 original S-Helper Service concept design drawings for various cars and one switcher engine. These have been added to the individual listings in the "Product Gallery" section.

May 12, 2022

Larry Shughart's Layout Update

Larry provided some updated information and additional links covering his large layout. Be sure to follow the external links on the page to view photos and videos.

May 12, 2022

S-Helper Service Extended-vision Caboose PDF

With blessing from Don Thompson, Ken Garber provided a PDF of the original document that accompanied the S-Helper Service Extended Vision Caboose models. This includes prototype information as well as how to install couplers and how to replace the interior lightbulb.

May 08, 2022

S-Helper Service Extended-vision Caboose Updated

Don Thompson provided a spreadsheet that included their production numbers for their extended-vision caboose models. This also cleared up some confusion of mismatches we had found before.

May 03, 2022

Club Cars For Sale

A new page has been added to the NASG web site, which lists all known available S-scale cars that the various S clubs are offering for sale. The NASG is not involved in their sales at all, but we just wanted to make sure that the larger S community is aware of the fact that these cars are currently available for sale. Note that cars may be in limited supply and they may have sold out. Be sure to contact the club first, if in doubt. You can also get to this page via the "Clubs" button (left, or above).

May 01, 2022

May/June 2021, 2022 Dispatch PDFs Available

The digital file of the May/June 2022 Dispatch issue is now available on this web site. Also, the May/June 2021 Dispatch issue is now publicly available (its articles are also indexed).

April 23, 2022

Added British Layouts

Added links to all the S-scale layouts hosted on the UK's S Scale Model Railway Society's web site.

April 23, 2022

Downs Tank Car Photos

Ken Garber and Bill Lane contributed missing and improved photos of Downs' tank cars.

April 23, 2022

PRS Reefer Photos

Ted Larson contributed missing photos of PFE reefer cars.

April 22, 2022

Sn2 Modular Set-up Video

David Keith had his U-shaped Free-mo-style Sn2 layout set up at the recent 2022 Midwest Narrow Gauge Show. He has posted a video he took of a train making the tour of the layout, in both directions. If you missed it, it is at the bottom of the Welcome page of this web site.

April 18, 2022

Donald Webster's Layout Added

Donald's "finished" layout will be open for visits during the 2022 NASG Convention.

April 17, 2022

Missing Couplers and Truck Photos Added

Bob Werre took photos of some historical S-scale couplers and trucks that were missing from our Product Gallery.

April 17, 2022

Paul Greene's Switching Layout Added

April 16, 2022

New Members By Year

In the "Members Only" portal, a new report has been added, which shows the number of members (who are currently still active NASG members) who started their membership in a particular year. This may give us an overall idea of how many new members signed up in a particular year. If you are an active NASG member, you can see this new report by logging in, and then clicking on the "New Members By Year" report link.

April 12, 2022

Smoky Mountain Model Works MILW Box Car by Bob Hogan

April 11, 2022

Photos of Dan Malkiewicz' Layout

Dan's beautiful and completely finished layout features some portions that have floor-to-ceiling scenery. The layout is open during the 2022 NASG Convention.

April 09, 2022

New Schnabel Scratchbuilt Car Page

John Henning shares photos of the Schnabel car scratchbuilt by John Griffin.

April 08, 2022

More Photos of Steve Monson's Layout

Steve doubles the number of photos taken of his layout, as well as provides some missing details.

March 07, 2022

Mar/Apr 2021, 2022 Dispatch PDFs Available

The digital file of the March/April 2022 Dispatch issue arrived, so it is now available on this web site. Also, the March/April 2021 Dispatch issue is now publicly available (its articles are also indexed).

March 04, 2022

NASG Web Site QR Code Available

For those of you (clubs or individuals) who want to use a QR code to allow people with cell phones to quickly connect to our web site, I have made available the QR code as two different documents. One is a PDF file and the other is a .png image file. You can download them and print them or integrate them into your own documents as you see fit. They are in the Downloadable Documents section of this web site ("NASG" button, then "Other Documents"), then scroll down to the "NASG - General" sub-heading.

March 03, 2022

Layout Photos Added

Phil Johnson's layout is open as part of the 2022 National Narrow Gauge Convention. Roger Nulton provided many photos of Phil's layout.

Max Maginness' layout is also open as part of the 2022 NNGC. We have added a link to his page on the NNGC web site.

Joe Kimber scratchbuilt a small-town grocery store, so his photos were added to his layout's listing.

February 18, 2022

Layout Video Added

Bill Hobbs shares a presentation of how he built his layout, including how he makes his trees.

February 17, 2022

Layout Photos Added

Don't let this happen to you! Bill Lane learned of an S-scale layout not too far from where he lives after the owner had passed away and the layout was in a state of neglect. He sent along some photos of John McMullen's layout, which are now available for viewing on this web site. If you have a "secret" layout, why not share it with the rest of us, at least via some photos? Contact the webmaster about getting your layout listed on this web site! We are NOT looking for magazine-quality photos; just ones that can inspire all of us to get back to modeling.

February 10, 2022

Featured Video

In the previous version of this web site, we used to have page dedicated to a featured video. As of today, the initial "Welcome" page has, at the bottom of the page, a "featured video". The video will be changed from time to time.

February 05, 2022

Kitbashed Tender

At the bottom of the linked-to page is a photo by Kirk Ainslie of an A.C. Gilbert-based tender he kitbashed from various sources.

January 29, 2022

Product Gallery Category Added

By request, a whole new category of S products has been added to the Product Gallery, this time covering all of the S couplers. To make the category be all inclusive, all the non-S couplers, that are often used by S modelers, are also included. All styles of S are included in the list, i.e. A.F., S, Sn3, and Sn2. This listing was just started, so if you are actively using a particular coupler that is not listed, please contact the webmaster so that it can be added to the list. As always, new or additional photos, extra information, and corrections are more than welcome.

January 26, 2022

Estate Planning Document

The latest issue of the Dispatch is apparently arriving in people's mailboxes. The article about Estate Planning, unfortunately, did not indicate where on the NASG web site that document can be found, so I have been getting quite a few e-mails. Click the link below to take you directly to that page. You can also click on the "NASG" button, and then click on "Estate Planning" under Membership Benefits.

January 19, 2022

The Most Prolific Manufacturers

A new page has been added that totals up the number of unique products S-scale manufacturers have produced over the years, just to give you an idea.

January 15, 2022

Info About SHS' Trailers

Mark Charles provided the texts from the inserts that came with the S-Helper Services' 35-foot trailers.

January 12, 2022

Layout Photos Added

Gregg Mummert sent in some photos of his layout, which is still under construction.

January 08, 2022

January/February 2021, 2022 Dispatch PDFs Available

The public version of the January/February 2021 issue of the NASG's Dispatch is now available. Also, the members-only issue of the January/February 2022 Dispatch PDF can now be downloaded via the "Members Only" portal.

January 05, 2022

Magazine Articles Indexes Updated

The NASG Librarian has updated the magazine article indexes, which you can download directly from this web site.

January 04, 2022

American Models Locomotive Truck Changes

Don Thompson found a photo of the three major changes that American Models' trucks for the F-unit locomotives have undergone over the years.

January 02, 2022

Layout Entry Added

Bill Lane visited Tom Cline's AF-based layout and shares some photos he took (with permission from the layout owner).

December 29, 2021

Layout Entry Added

Jon Stetz provided details about his now dismantled "Durango, Rico and Northern RR". However, he still has his layout's web site up and running, as well as videos of it available on YouTube. His web site contains photos and track plans.

December 28, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

Bill Lane provided some missing photos for American Models' Amtrak cars.

December 24, 2021

Layout Photos Added

Jeff Madden reports that he has been able to make a tremendous amount of progress on his layout, and he shares a number of photos with us.

December 21, 2021

Layout Photos Added

Originally posted on December 8: Peter Gehret sent in photos of his layout, which have been added to his layout's page. Update: by special permission from Don Heimburger, we have added the track plan of Peter's layout as part of his layout page.

December 21, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

Tony Dixon has provided a number of photos of the Locomotive Works GE 44-ton industrial switcher (kit under construction, kit drawings, and the not-quite finished model).

December 18, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Bill Winans shares a photo of his Perma-Bilt DL&W box car.

December 13, 2021

Product Gallery Updated

Bill Roberts provided a listing of all the Perma-Bilt cars (as of 1952), and our listing was missing about 75% of them, so they've been added. If you have any of these models and can take a photo of them, please contact the webmaster.

December 11, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

Bob Hogan provided a number of photos of models he's built from Scenery Unlimited kits.

December 09, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

John Johnston sent in three photos of the S-Helper Service Canadian National passenger cars, namely the cafe/diner car, the RPO car, and the combine.

December 07, 2021

Clubs Pages Reformatted

The Clubs section of this web site still has all of the same data, but it has been reformatted to accomplish the following:
a) clean up the main Clubs page, to more quickly find what you are looking for.
b) all individual club pages are now formatted identical, and formatting has been cleaned-up.
c) support for providing descriptions of all of the layouts the club manages.
d) unlimited number of photos can now be shown.
e) unlimited number of links to external photo albums and/or online videos.
f) removed one level of clicking from the clubs-by-region part.

November 30, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Bill Lane shares photos of the Kinsman Milwaukee express reefer.

November 27, 2021

Layout Photos Added

Peter Vanvliet (your webmaster) has updated his photos for his current layout, as the previous one was taken down earlier this year.

November 23, 2021

Layout Photos Added

Bill Winans recently took some photos of Mike Swederska's layout when he was visiting with Mike.

November 23, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Jace Kahn provides a photo of the P-B-L Shay produced in 1983.

November 23, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

Dick Karnes provides two photos of S-Helper Service passenger cars.

November 20, 2021

Product Gallery Updated

The listing of heavyweight passenger cars that S-Helper Service had American Models produce back in 1992 and 1993 has been reviewed, updated, and corrected in the Product Gallery. Data was based on information that Don Thompson provided. A large number of these don't have photos yet, so if you have one of those cars and can take a photo of them, please contact the webmaster.

November 19, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Peter Vanvliet (your webmaster) has completed the construction of the Ford Model T 1-ton truck kit by Reviresco. The page has a link to the article written about the construction of the model, with lots of photos.

November 14, 2021

S-Helper Service Passenger Cars Page Added

As the webmaster of this web site, I am in the (slow) process of double-checking all of the passenger car entries in the Product Gallery section of this web site. There were and continue to be some errors in that listing. In the process of documenting the American Models passenger cars (the vast majority of these types of cars produced in S), I was able to obtain some information from Don Thompson, as S-Helper Service commissioned American Models to produce a good number of cars. Having accumulated a bunch of research information (it is for me, as I was not in S back on those days), I have added a new page to summarize all of the S-Helper Service passenger cars. Even if you were in S in the early 90s, you might still find some interesting tidbits on the page.

November 10, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Bill Roberts provided a missing photo of the S-Helper Service/American Models FA-2 lettered for the Lehigh Valley.

November 06, 2021

November/December 2020, 2021 Dispatch PDFs Available

The public version of the November/December 2020 issue of the NASG's Dispatch is now available. Also, the members-only issue of the November/December 2021 Dispatch PDF can now be downloaded via the "Members Only" portal.

November 06, 2021

Rare Cleveland Model & Supply 0-6-0 Kit Photos

Bud Rindfleisch took photos of this 1937 PRR 0-6-0 kit, which is in remarkably good condition for being 84 years old. He is planning on preserving it as-is rather than build it, due to its historical value. The photos he provided include the exterior of the box, the interior showing the kit's components, and three photos covering the entire instructions sheet. On the linked to page, you can click on the photos to see the larger version of the photo, or you can (on Windows-based computers) right-click on the small thumbnail photos and select your web browser's option for saving the image file to your computer, which will save the full version, just in case you are viewing this site on a smaller-screened device.

October 31, 2021

Product Gallery Photos Added

Bill Lane provided missing photos of the S-Helper Service/American Models Reading RS-3, and the American Models lightweight passenger cars for the B&O and PRR.

October 26, 2021

Product Gallery Photo Added

Allen Ambler provides us with a photo of his completed Bob Peare Engineering M.O.W. carpenter car.

October 24, 2021

SD70ACe Missing from Product Gallery

Bill Lane sent in several photos of the Lionel Reading SD70ACe. Upon review, it appears that a number of these engines from Lionel's 2012 catalog were never entered. These have been added, and the listing should now be complete.

October 21, 2021

New Sn3 Layout

Well-known Proto:48 modeler Gene Deimling shared on his blog that he recently visited his son, Mark, who is in the process of switching from HO-scale to modeling in Sn3. The blog entry shows a couple of photos of his recent efforts.

October 06, 2021

Product Gallery Addition

Bob Hogan provides photos that were missing for this locomotive entry.

October 06, 2021

Vic Cherven's Layout Photos Added

Vic Cherven provided some additional photos of his layout, including some more construction photos and a group shot of the people who attended the first official operating session.

October 03, 2021

More Jesse Bennett Layout Photos

Vic Cherven provided some additional photos of Jesse Bennett's layout taken in 2010.

October 03, 2021

Product Gallery Additions

Allen Ambler provides some missing photos for our Product Gallery:

September 30, 2021

Innovative Hobby Supply Added

Innovative Hobby Supply has been around for a while now, and they produce photo-realistic paper-based kits that are very affordable. Their products have now been added to our Product Gallery.

September 28, 2021

Product Gallery Locomotive Added

Our Product Gallery listing of locomotives is pretty mature, i.e. it is extremely rare that a particular locomotive is not listed there. However, thanks to Jim Whipple drawing Dick Karnes' attention to it, Dick's model of the GE boxcab diesel switcher was not listed on our web site. The model was a styrene kit that was produced in 2012 by Great American Locomotion. We don't know the history behind this kit, but the company is still around today, although they only focus on 1:29 scale model production now. If anyone knows of any other products this company created in S-scale, and/or how this kit came about, please contact the NASG's webmaster.

September 18, 2021

New Resources Page

Under "The Full Listing" topic of the main Resources page, you will find a new link called "Quick Web Sites Listing". This leads to a page that has the same listing as the "All Known Companies" page does, except that it only lists those entries that have a web site, and this new page provides just the company name, which, when clicked, will take you directly to their web site. The purpose of this new page is to more quickly go to the web site of interest if you already know which company you want to go visit. If you need to do more research or learn more about the company, the main "All Known Companies" is the better page to go to.

September 17, 2021

Code 3 Collectibles Product Gallery Finished

The entire known collection of Code 3 Collectibles emergency equipment models has now been listed on this web site for your enjoyment.

September 12, 2021

Layout Updated

Former NASG VP, Jay Mellon, shares a few photos of his, now dismantled, layout.

September 11, 2021

September/October 2020, 2021 Dispatch PDFs Available

The public version of the September/October 2020 issue of the NASG's Dispatch is now available. Also, the members-only issue of the September/October 2021 Dispatch PDF can now be downloaded via the "Members Only" portal.

September 06, 2021

Layout Updated

Lee Rainey provided additional details about his PRR/EBT S/Sn3 layout, as well as a track plan, and a couple of photos.

September 05, 2021

Product Gallery: Whale Belly Hopper

Mike Swederska shares photos of his completion of a Shapeways-printed whale belly covered hopper.

September 04, 2021

Product Gallery "Emergency" Category

The "Emergency" category of vehicles in the Product Gallery was getting quite large, so that has been split up in to sub-categories. Through that process discovered a few mis-categorized entries.

Added many more Code 3 Collectibles models to the listing.

August 28, 2021

The Loizeaux Passenger Truck

Ed Loizeaux sent in a sample of his passenger car truck that he produced in the late 1970s. He also included a copy of the original instruction sheets. A photo and PDF file are now available in our Product Gallery section.

August 22, 2021

Welcome Page Changed

The web site's Welcome page has been changed a bit to allow text to flow around images, where applicable, and to show the large image within the same page, rather than launching it in a separate tab/window.

August 21, 2021

Scott Lister's Layout

Scott shares the details and several photos of his layout.

Product Gallery