Ongoing S-scale Projects

On this page we try to capture the many active projects that are in the test-the-waters stage, initial design stage, initial development stage, or full-on production stage but not yet available for purchase. In general, announcements will stay on this page for up to one year. Click on the "Web Site" link to the left of the announcement to visit the web page. Some photos can also be clicked to take you directly to the web page where that product is listed.

May 11, 2019

ASF 70-ton Truck Kit


Web Site

This is the longer version of the 50-ton truck, produced in the 1950s. These were used under open and covered hoppers.

Smoky Mountain Model Works is taking reservations for this truck kit. They are expected to sell for $32 per pair. Contact the company to let them know how many you would like (no money required now; just a firm commitment). The S-Helper Service two- and three-bay hopper cars are a perfect match for these trucks.

April 30, 2019

Early Russell Brothers Box Shop, Farmington


Web Site

Portland Locomotive Works is proposing to create a kit for the "early" Russell Brothers box shop located next to the right-of-way at the first road crossing coming into Farmington. The kit will be done in both O- and S-scale, assuming there is sufficient demand for it.

If you are interested in this kit, contact Gary Kohler at or 330-719-0264.

April 24, 2019

Next Track Project?


There has been a lively discussion taking place on the's S-scale trains group related to track. After a week or two of going back and forth and not making much headway, Matt Gaudynski, owner of Fox Valley Models, made this announcement:

"If there are 100 folks committed to scale track, and each can live without $1,000 for about a year, I can get a set of turnouts (left and right) in say #6 and #8, plus flex track made in code 100. A little down payment now and you can get paid back in track if you like." Matt continues to say that should his proposal become reality, it would be added to Fox Valley Models' to-do list, so it wouldn't be an immediate project to be fulfilled. But, here's the reality of getting things done in today's world. We need another gang-of-100!

March 31, 2019

Lionel's Upcoming GP-7 Project


Web Site

Dave Olson, Director of Engineering at Lionel, describes what they are doing different with this version of the engine.

March 19, 2019

Potential MTH Box Cars?


Digging through MTH's delivery schedule on their web site, there are two steel rebuilt box cars listed as scheduled for release later in 2019.

The first one is the MTH club car for 2019. See photo.

The second is a Marsh Wheeling car. It is flagged as being for Pat's Trains. Pat's Trains is a store in Wheeling, WV that carries S-scale products, so maybe it is a special run that MTH is doing for them. Marsh Wheeling was a cigar manufacturer started in 1840 in Wheeling, WV. No model car photo available.

March 10, 2019

Jackson Standard Models Trucks


Web Site

Jackson Standard Models announces the plan to produce highly-detailed diecast new trucks for S-scale. Bill Lane took these photos at the 2018 NASG Convention. Updates: added the brass prototypes photo (unfinished, just for testing rolling abilities). Brian reports that the side-frames and bolster will be die-cast in zinc (Zamac #3). The brake shoes and bearings in Celcon. The journal lids in polystyrene. The wheels and axles will be stainless. These are planned for release before the end of 2019.

ASF Ride Control

Bettendorf T-section


USRA Andrews

Vulcan with Simplex Bolster

Scullin/ASF 40-ton

Preliminary brass prototypes of the Scullin Steel trucks (no detailing applied yet)
March 03, 2019

Nathan M-series Horns



Bud Rindfleisch has started a project to have M-series horns created. There will be two M3 horns and three M3R1 horns on a sprue. He is hoping to have the first test sprue in hand by the end of March. Expect pricing to be in line with brass prices for horn details. A page dedicated to the prototype horns can be found on this page. If you would like to let Bud know that you are interested in purchasing these when they are done, please contact him via the e-mail link on the left.

February 17, 2019

DL-109 Resin Cast Body



NE Prototypes, owned by Bill Morris, has created a master for the shell (only!) of an Alco DL-109 in S-scale. The idea is that the modeler puts this body on a stretched American Models PA chassis. The shell costs around $100.

Update: Bill reports that the first run was successfully completed and those that ordered them should have received them by now.

Bill is planning on doing another run of these shells, but has had to switch to a new caster. Until everything is worked out and he is happy with the new caster, you can place your order on a waiting list, but there is currently no known due date. Remember, this is just for the body only, so no railroad-specific detailing. The modeler will need to provide everything else to complete the model. These locomotives were bought by the ATSF, CNW, GMO, Milwaukee, NH, RI, and Southern.

New Haven Prototype
February 16, 2019

Loco Roller Stand


Web Site

Mark Rosche is building a locomotive test stand from a design he has made and is having custom fabricated. He is still in the testing phase, but he shared a YouTube video (link on the left) of testing an Sn3 P-B-L K-27 on the stand. Yes, there used to be a company that made a similar stand, but they closed up shop a couple of years ago. Mark believes that there may still be a demand for this. When the stand is complete, he will make an announcement.

January 23, 2019

Gunderson Maxi-Stack® IV 3-unit Well Car


Ron Sebastian, of Des Plaines Hobbies and the S Scale America brand name, was at the Amherst Railway Society show in West Springfield, MA, where they announced the progress on their new Gunderson Maxi-Stack® IV 3-unit well car. These well cars are today's main container-shipping cars. According the Greenbrier Companies' web site (the manufacturer of the prototype cars), the three-unit articulated double-stack car that can handle containers from 20' to 53' long in the well and containers from 40' to 57' in the top position. The Maxi-Stack IV utilizes 70-ton end trucks and 125-ton intermediate trucks.

The work for the parts of the models is done, except for the photo-etched walkway parts. Once those are completed, they will be shipped to China for assembly, painting, and decorating. Hi-rail wheels can be used on the models. Each is a "permanently-coupled" three-unit set. No price or delivery date set yet. Click the photos for a larger view, of the pre-production model shown at the January show (photos by Ron S.).

January 13, 2019

Rumor: Kaslo Cylindrical Hoppers Re-run


Web Site

One S-scale modeler got a private message from the owner of Kaslo who indicated that there is a plan to do a re-run of their cylindrical hopper kits sometime during 2019. If this sounds like good news to you, consider contacting Kaslo to encourage them to return to S-scale again.

January 08, 2019

Sn2 Trucks


Web Site

Smoky Mountain Model Works (SMMW) has manufactured Sn2 trucks before. They offer both freight and passenger trucks. They are thinking about doing another run of these, using the latest in production methods, which will reduce the number of parts required to assemble these truck kits. If you are interested in either of these, please contact Jim King at SMMW a.s.a.p., so that he can devote some time to completing this project.

December 29, 2018

F&M, P&R RPO Baggage Cars



Web Site

Portland Locomotive Works announces the commencement of the Franklin and Megantic Railway (F&M) and Phillips and Rangeley Railroad (P&R) two-foot-gauge RPO baggage car in S-scale. These cars moved to the SR&RL when it took over those lines. The plans are to create four versions:
F&M original two-window
F&M combine smoker 4-window
F&M RPO baggage
P&R RPO baggage

If you are interested in either of these, contact Gary Kohler at or 330-719-0264

Update: Gary has provided CAD drawings of the various versions he is going to produce.

Update: They are doing the O-scale version, but, as of yet, not enough S-scale requests have come in to start production on the S-scale models. So, be sure to contact Gary if you are at all interested!

Update #2: the Sn2 version has been put on indefinite hold as there didn't seem to be enough interest expressed.

November 05, 2018

American Models Announces 4-6-2 with Vanderbilt Tenders


At the Fall S Fest, American Models had a pre-production sample available of their re-issued 4-6-2 Pacific locomotive, but this time with a Vanderbilt tender. The engine is expected to be available in Spring 2019. Prices are set at $500 for DC (scale or hi-rail), and $550 or $600 for AC hi-rail (all with sound and smoke). Click the photo to read Rich's report on the show, and see more photos.

October 03, 2018

SP Decals for Flat Car



Ed Sauers is trying to drum up support for having decals created by Tichy Train Group for an S-scale Southern Pacific 70-foot flat car. Click the image for a larger view. Click the e-mail link on the left to start an e-mail to Ed.

September 29, 2018

Lionel's Legacy Berkshires Cancelled


Lionel announced that the Legacy version of the Berkshire locomotives has been cancelled. The 2-8-4 engines required new tooling, and according to Ryan Kunkle, Director of Production at Lionel, the tooling costs were going to be too high given the number of units that they were going to produce. He explicitly stated that tariffs had nothing to do with this.

September 26, 2018

Possible Aluminum Passenger Car Sets


Web Site

Scott Mann, owner of Sunset Models (and Golden Gate Depot), has worked out a deal with his Chinese manufacturer that would allow the possible manufacture of S-scale passenger car sets. He explicitly states that this is not for individual cars, but for 6-to-8 car sets. The manufacturer has agreed to produce 100 or fewer models, so that would fit with S-scale's fewer modelers. They are taking reservations now (see link on the left) for the following sets:
- 1937 SF Super Chief (Budd) 6 Car Set
- 1948 NYC 20th Century 6 Car Set
- 1948 PRR Broadway Ltd. 6 Car Set

Additional add-on cars are also available.

O-scale Santa Fe Model

O-scale NYC Model

O-scale PRR Model
August 27, 2018

GE Export U6B

In 1956 GE created a series of Universal switcher locomotives, which were readily adaptable to various track gauges. Precision Vintage Classics is going to produce some of these, starting with the U6B. This locomotive will be made to Sn3 and to Sn42 specs. The engine's frame is 33'6" and it had a 12-cylinder diesel motor. The kits are going to be made out of resin and 3D-printed parts, and will include a motor and powered trucks as well as couplers and hand rails. No pricing or release date is available yet, but if you are interested in this kit, contact the company. A deposit will be required when the date and pricing has been determined. You may call (253) 875-1684, or click the e-mail link on the left.

August 12, 2018

Brass 4-6-2 Locomotives Announced


Web Site

River Raisin Models announced these brass projects to be built by Boo Rim Precision:

- Southern Pacific P-10
- Chesapeake and Ohio F-17
- Chesapeake and Ohio F-19

The SP P-10 will be available in these versions:
- regular boiler
- skyline boiler
- "Daylight" paint scheme with full streamlining with early lettering
- "Daylight" paint scheme with full streamlining with late lettering

The C&O F-17 will be built in three versions.

The C&O F-19 will be built in five versions.

The models will be available with factory-installed Loksound DCC with sound (if so desired, specify this with your pre-order). The models are expected to arrive in late 2019. To place your pre-order, contact River Raisin Models for the official order form.

August 09, 2018

P-B-L Updates


Web Site

P-B-L states that their WSLCo caboose project and their WSLCo log skeleton car project have been delayed, due to their injection molding machine having permanently broken down. Making the major investment, they have bought a brand new one, which arrived in late July 2018. It will take some time for the company to get up to speed on using this new machine, but once done, they will start to produce the above-mentioned kits.

August 09, 2018

Southern 52'6" PS Gondola

Smoky Mountain Model Works is considering designing and creating kits for the 52-foot Pullman-Standard gondola. These were built in 1953 and again in 1957, and lasted into the 1980s, and some into the 2000s in M.O.W. service. The kits would be $85 each (plus shipping), and include decals, Kadee 802 couplers, but no trucks. If you prefer to use Sergent couplers (not provided), or without the Kadee couplers, or without the decals, please indicate so. At the time of this posting, about another 25 firm reservations are needed to make this project a go.

HO-scale Model Shown
June 03, 2018

B&O M-15k Box Car


Web Site

Smoky Mountain Model Works announced that they will produce the B&O M-15k box car. Since this car is also of a "wagontop" design, the main body is similar to the M-53 already produced (and being re-run) by the company. These box cars were rebuilt from wooden cars in 1936 and 1937 (over 1,200 such cars). The M-53 followed in 1937 and 1938 (2,000 of those were done). The big difference between them was that the M-53 was built from new, whereas the M-15k re-used the frame from the older cars. The frame has the fishbelly center sill. The kit is expected to sell for $90, which includes decals and couplers, but no trucks (Andrews trucks were used on these cars). At this point Jim King is taking firm commitments for this project, but no money need be sent in yet. See the web site link for his contact information.

B&O M-15k
March 23, 2018

PRR 2-8-0 Project


Web Site

Bill Wade, of B.T.S., announced that the PRR 2-8-0 project is still very much an active one. However, the project has had a number of serious setbacks which are delaying its completion. One such setback was an earthquake in New Zealand that destroyed most of the research data and some of the production items. So far the master for the tender is complete (including the Lines West coal bunker version), and several of the engine's smaller parts are finished. Update: A new designer/builder in New Zealand has been found, and the person is working with B.T.S. to attempt to recreate this locomotive. Bill is asking for your patience, and your continued purchases of B.T.S. products, so that funds are available to bring this locomotive into reality.

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