News: Passenger Cars

This report lists passenger cars that are available or in the works. This also covers parts that are available for detailing passenger cars. Click photos to visit the web sites.

January 10, 2021

4-wheel Lightweight Passenger Trucks by River Raisin Models

The company announces their next project, the four-wheel lightweight passenger car truck, to be manufactured by Boo Rim Precision. They are producing three different versions, used by a large number of railroads from the 1930s onward. On the River Raisin web site are documents listing which railroads had which truck types starting in which year. The trucks can be ordered now (see their web site for ordering instructions), with a pre-production price of $65 per pair. These brass trucks will be available unpainted, as well as painted in several colors. Click any of the photos to go to their web site.

December 04, 2020

Sn2 Passenger Car Kits by Portland Locomotive Works

Portland is considering these Sn2 cars for production:
- F&M / SR&RL combine 11 early version
- B&SR Laconia RPO baggage 31
- W&Q coaches 2 and 3 / B&SR coach 18 (still runs on WW&F)
- W&Q RPO baggage

They will only produce those for which they get enough interest. A rough, early estimate is that these would be $90 to $125 per kit. These kits come with a one-piece roof (which is hard to produce), and etched-wood interior (no seats). Contact Gary if you are interested in either of these cars. Click to send an e-mail.

December 02, 2020

Sn3 DSP&P Car Sides by Deerfield River Laser

The company offers core kits for creating three different passenger cars.

November 29, 2020

Passenger Car Sets by Sunset Models, Inc.

Scott Mann, owner of Sunset Models (and Golden Gate Depot), has worked out a deal with his Chinese manufacturer that would allow the possible manufacture of S-scale passenger car sets. They are taking reservations now (click photos for link) for the following sets:
- 1937 AT&SF "Super Chief" six-car set (see web site for which cars; extra cars available)
- 1938 PRR "Broadway Limited". six-car set (see web site for which cars; pre-WWII)
- 1938 PRR "Broadway Limited". six-car set (see web site for which cars; post-WWII)
- 1948 NYC "20th Century" six-car set (see web site for which cars; extra cars available)

Update: the project is still active and taking reservations. Currently not enough reservations have been made to start production. A total of 60 sets (about 500 cars) need to be reserved for the manufacturer to start producing them. "Scale" or "shorty" versions can all be produced from the same equipment, so that has no bearing on the overall total. The "shorty" version, typically of use to AF/hi-rail modelers whose layouts may have tighter curves, is currently not planned, but can be done, if demand is there.

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