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This page lists announcements related to the NASG and of interest to NASG members. Click photos to visit the web sites.

June 10, 2022

New Shirts Available in the NASG Company Store

NASG Company Store owner, Chris Crnich, has added new shirts to our line-up.

May 25, 2022

NASG Convention Web Site Updated

The 2022 NASG Convention web site has been updated with the listing of clinics planned for that Friday and Saturday.

May 13, 2022

New Dispatch Column

The next issue of the NASG's Dispatch magazine is introducing a new column called the "Pop Valve". It is somewhat similar to letters-to-the-editor type of columns you'll find in other magazines. This is your opportunity to submit your thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, and suggestions related to the NASG, the NASG BOT, "S", the Dispatch, the NASG web site, and/or a message that you would like to share with fellow NASG members. Please send your thoughts to the Dispatch Editor, Dan Dawdy, and he will make the call as to which ones to publish, and, of course, if he has the space to do so. Let's make the Dispatch a "publication of the members, by the members, and for the members"!
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May 04, 2022

Important News From the NASG Board of Trustees

On May 3rd, the Board of Trustees received the resignation of William Holt from the presidency of the NASG. On May 4th the Board of Trustees accepted this resignation. The Board of Trustees would like to recognize the many years of dedicated service William Holt has given to the NASG. Throughout his presidency, William was a fixture at national train shows, setting up and operating display layouts, and demonstrating the advantages of S scale to a massive number of attendees. The Board wishes him well as he moves his household from Illinois to North Carolina. Executive Vice President R. James Whipple has assumed the duties of the President until the Board can fill the position for the remainder of the term.

The Board of Trustees continues to move the NASG toward its vision of the future and has been meeting monthly since January and will continue this pattern at least through the 2022 NASG National Convention. As a result of this increased activity, the BOT is pleased to report the following important and exciting changes:

- Dan Dawdy has been named as editor of The Dispatch. He brings extensive experience in model railroad publishing to the job and will help lift The Dispatch to new levels of excellence.

- A new S scale promotional campaign has been implemented in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. The inside cover of RMC each month will now feature a 3/4 page image of exemplary S scale modeling with a QR code linking to the NASG website for additional information about how to get involved in S modeling.

- Finally, as part of the move to increased transparency, the BOT has voted to make the minutes of all BOT meetings as well as the annual financial statements available to the NASG members on our website, These postings will begin soon.

We hope you'll agree that the changes announced here, plus others we will be making soon, will make the NASG a better, more responsive, more innovative and more inclusive organization. In that spirit, if you have comments, ideas, complaints, or suggestions, please contact your regional vice-president and your concerns will be heard and given serious consideration.

NASG Board of Trustees

May 01, 2022

New NASG Dispatch Editor

As announced in the May/June NASG Dispatch, we are pleased to announce that the NASG's Dispatch magazine has a new editor. His name is Daniel Dawdy. Dan and his wife, Amy, own The Model Railroad Resource, LLC, which is a company that publishes the bi-monthly "S Scale Resource" (since 2014) and the "O Scale Resource" (since 2013) digital magazines. Both are freely available for downloading or viewing, and contain a wealth of modeling tips, how-to's, layout visits, show reports, and news for each of the respective scales. The company also produces 3D-printed O-scale detailing parts. They have been an NASG member for a number of years already.

We want to thank outgoing Dispatch editor, Richard Caugherty, for his stewardship of the magazine.

The NASG's "" e-mail address is now re-directed to Dan's e-mail address. Please make sure that your e-mail program does not automatically revert back to Richard's e-mail address, as all new submissions for content to the Dispatch should now go to Dan.

Dan's first Dispatch issue will be the next one, which is the July/August 2022 issue. This issue is a collaborative effort between Dan and the NASG's BOT.

April 09, 2022

Be a Part of An Exciting New S Promotional Campaign!

The NASG is pleased to announce an exciting new program to promote S modeling, S manufacturers, and the NASG! Starting with the May 2022 issue, we will be running a new series of ads on the inside cover of every issue of the Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Each ad will feature a large photograph of exemplary S-scale modeling, like the modeling you're doing right now! The photo gets the readers' attention and drives home that S is a viable scale for quality modeling today. The text around the image directs the readers to this NASG web site where they can get all the help they need to model in our favorite scale, and it explains that the NASG is there to help.

In order for this campaign to be a success we need YOUR help by providing photos of YOUR modeling for upcoming ads. What could be more exciting than having a photo of YOUR modeling on the inside cover of Railroad Model Craftsman?

What We're Looking For
The theme of the campaign is "Look What's Being Done In S Today". Images should feature a train or trains and include other rolling stock, vehicles, and figures, all in an interesting setting with plenty of color and texture. We will also consider photos of individual models, and photos of modules or dioramas are also acceptable. To present our best efforts, images need be crisply-focused and well-lit. We can provide assistance adjusting lighting to some extent in Photoshop, but there's little that can be done to correct out-of-focus images. Images that are slightly wider than they are tall (about 3 x 5 proportion) will work the best and files should be 2MB or larger in size. Most modernday cameras and cellphones are easily capable of that. Please send the camera's original photos; the higher the resolution, the more we have to work with.

How To Participate
To contribute photos, simply e-mail them to Brooks Stover (; see link below). He will be more than happy to answer questions, offer comments on any image you would like feedback on, or do minor Photoshop enhancements. NASG membership is not required to send in your contributions.

For those newer to model photography, or for those who want a bit of refresher, Brooks has prepared a "Model Railroader's Guide to Digital Photography" (click to download the PDF file).

We hope you'll participate in this exciting new S-scale promotional program by sharing photos of your S-scale modeling for inclusion in an upcoming Railroad Model Craftsman!
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April 03, 2022

2022 NASG Convention Update

The 2022 NASG Convention web site is now fully operational. You can view all the information and activities planned. You can register to attend the Convention, or just buy the Convention Car. Both mailing in a PDF or completely registering online are supported.

March 07, 2022

Annual Award Nominations

If you have any suggestions for nominations for the NASG's annual awards, the NASG BOT wants to hear from you. The links are provided for finding out which awards we offer, so that you can determine who fits where. The second link is to the page to find your regional VP and let him know who you would like nominate for what.

February 04, 2022

Estate Planning Document Updated

The NASG BOT has revised/updated the Estate "Survival Kit" document. Click the link below to view/download the PDF.

January 28, 2022

NASG AF Commemorative Cars Update

The 2019 NASG Caboose is now included in the "Inventory Reduction Sale".

January 28, 2022

NASG Open Positions

The NASG is run by volunteers. As people's schedules or priorities change, some positions became vacant, and so we are looking to fill those.

Note that some of these tasks must be performed regardless of whether or not there is someone dedicated to the task, so that generally means that one of the existing volunteers has to temporarily take on the task. So, by volunteering you are not only helping the NASG, but you may very well be helping a fellow S modeler have just a bit of extra time to work on their own layout!

If you are a member of the NASG, please take a look at these positions and see if that might be something you would be willing to volunteer for. If you are not an NASG member but are interested in S-scale and can volunteer for one of these positions, please consider becoming an NASG member (only $30 per year), and offer your time and services.

Contacting the NASG president is the best way to offer your services, and he will then be able to direct you to the right person for more details.

Assistant Treasurer
We are looking for someone to help the NASG's Treasurer with some of the tasks. These include bookkeeping, invoicing, collections, credit/debit card processing, processing online orders. Experience with QuickBooks is a plus.

Convention Committee
We have a chairman, but we are looking for additional people to help with planning events and meetings.

Promotions Committee
We have a chairman, but we are looking for individuals who would be able to help with implementing some of the plans.

Service Committee
This is a committee that is required by the NASG Constitution, but we have had no one to volunteer for this, so we are looking for a chairperson to take this on.

If you are interested,
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November 04, 2021

NASG By-Laws

The NASG Board of Trustees announces the updated NASG By-Laws. They are provided as a PDF for easy reading.

October 19, 2021

2022 NASG Convention Cars Available

Because the work on the NASG Convention car was already underway for this year's Convention, the 2022 NASG Convention committee is happy to announce that the cars are available for order right now. Follow the link to learn more about the car and how to place your order.

October 02, 2021

Future NASG Conventions

The 2022 NASG Convention in Buffalo, NY is the only Convention that we have planned so far. The NASG is kindly requesting of S clubs to consider taking on the 2023 or later NASG Convention.

October 02, 2021

NASG Convention Handbook Updated

The NASG Convention committee has reviewed and updated the official NASG Convention Handbook. New PDF files are available from this web site, and old ones are now void.

August 26, 2021

NASG Annual Awards

Despite there not being a 2021 NASG Convention, the NASG Board of Trustees still received nominations and voted on this year's winners of the various awards the NASG bestows. Follow the link to see the winners, and click on the awards' titles to learn more.

August 03, 2021

NASG Leadership Changes

Tomorrow is the official first day of the new NASG Board of Trustees. As no positions up for election had more than one candidate, all who ran were (re-)elected. This includes the president, the treasurer, and the western vice-president. Both Jay Mellon and Jeff English decided to retire from the board for the central and eastern VP positions, respectively (thank you, guys, for your service!), and so Brian Jackson (central) and Darby Marriott (eastern) take over those positions in the new administration.

Gaylord Gill and Philip Sharp were co-chairman of the NASG's Standards committee, but Philip has resigned, so Gaylord is now the sole chairman.

July 27, 2021

New NASG Company Store Manager

Chris Crnich has volunteered to take over the NASG's Company Store from Shane Lambert. Chris expects to have the inventory ready by the first week of August.

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