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July 06, 2018

NASG Elections are Next Year

We are seeking your nomination for these positions:

- Executive VP
- Secretary
- Eastern VP
- Central VP
- Western VP

NASG members, submit your nomination by November 30, 2018. Follow the link on the left to contact the Election Chairman.

December 28, 2017

A Change in the NASG Secretary


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Tom Oglesby was elected as the NASG Secretary in 2015. However, due to family obligations, he is no longer able to fulfill his term. The NASG BOT unanimously approved Andy Malette as the new NASG Secretary, to complete Tom's term. We wish to thank Tom for his time and dedication to the organization. Andy is no stranger to the NASG membership. He is a Canadian who frequently attends the NASG Conventions, an S-scale manufacturer (MLW Services), and a member of the well-known S Scale Workshop, the Canadian Free-mo-style layout club. Welcome Andy!

November 01, 2017

NASG Constitution Changes


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As part of the 2017 election, the membership voted for the following changes to the NASG Constitution. These changes are necessary to comply with Page 263, Lines 1-5 of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition. Texts in bold were added; text in strikeout were removed.

SECTION 3. The right to write in names not otherwise on the ballot shall be preserved. In the event an election is declared by acclamation per the provisions within Article V, Section 9, this article may be suspended by a unanimous vote of the election committee and the two positions on the board of trustees not slated for election, i.e. the President and Treasurer, or the Executive Vice-President and Secretary.

SECTION 9. In the election of offices, the candidate receiving the largest number of votes cast for any given office shall be declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a majority of the incumbent Board of Trustees shall have the right to cast the deciding vote. In the event that there are no contending candidates for all offices up for election and there are no other matters to be decided, a unanimous vote of the election committee, and the two positions not slated for election, i. e. the President and Treasurer, or the Executive Vice-President and Secretary, may declare the it will be assumed that any nominated candidates are elected by acclamation and no ballot will be issued for that election.; and, for that election only, Article V, section 3 shall be suspended.

October 04, 2017

NASG Members Special Announcement


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CatzPaw Innovations, LLC announces that NASG members can now receive a 10% discount off their purchases from CatzPaw. In order to receive the discount, members need to create an account in CatzPaw's online store. Then, send them an e-mail with your NASG member number and expiration date. If you already have an account with CatzPaw, you just need to send them an e-mail with your NASG number and expiration date. If you are not an NASG members (why not? :-) ), but you are an NMRA member, CatzPaw has the same offer for NMRA members.

September 28, 2017

Yahoo! Groups "nasgmembers" Closed


NASG president Will Holt, former president Bill Winans, and NASG webmaster Peter Vanvliet have decided to close the "nasgmembers" Yahoo! Groups discussion group, because there has been no activity in well over two years, and only about 150 people ever signed up for it (less than 10% of the NASG membership, and a number of those are probably invalid anymore). Most communication between the membership can now be handled by the Dispatch, this web site, and the NASG Facebook page.

September 27, 2017

NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars: 2010, 2012


Web Site

We still have a couple of the 2010 and 2012 A.F. Commemorative Cars in stock. Due to an increase in postage costs, these cars will go up by $10 effective January 1, 2018. If you have been wanting one or more of these cars, be sure to order now to save $10.

September 27, 2017

NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars: 2014


Web Site

Dave still has a couple of the 2014 NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars in stock ready for shipping.

September 27, 2017

NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars: 2017, 2018


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Dave Blum announced that the 2017 and 2018 NASG A.F. Commemorative Cars have arrived, and the pre-orders will be shipping on Thursday September 28, 2017. They have not yet sold out, so if you have not yet ordered, you can still do so.

September 13, 2017 Updated


Web Site

The NASG-owned "" has now been re-directed to point to the Bristol S Gauge Railroaders' web site since they are the ones hosting the 2018 NASG Convention.

August 16, 2017

2017 NASG Convention Vendor Report


After each Convention, Jay Mellon writes a concise report about what he saw in the vendors' hall:

"As is my custom, I have written a report regarding the vendors and products available at the recent 2017 NASG convention (Timonium, MD). I have no business associations with any of these vendors. Please accept my apologies for any inadvertent omissions."

Des Plaines Hobbies Ron Sebastian had his usual large selection of S products at this convention. He brought many new S scale decal sets by Tichy. website.

East West Rail Service Al Castellani had window blind detail sets (for American Models Budd cars) as well as crossbuck/lumberyard kits. He is collaborating with Roy Meissner to develop a coal dump trestle kit. Also, a SP stock car kit is in development. Both kits should be available in the Fall of 2017. website.

Great Decals Bill Mosteller produces a line of S decals that will help finish cars and engines from Eastern and Southeastern roads. website.

Hoquat Hobbies Jeff Wilson still had a large selection of S product there, including special run rolling stock (SHS) and scale vehicles (trucks). Contact him to check on available inventory. website.

Lehigh Valley Models Phil Kerr had a complete selection of his S structure and detail kits.

Roy Meissner He had a selection of his custom truck vehicles available, as well as the usual NASG 'Company Store' products.

MTH Andy Edleman had a large display of currently available S rolling stock and engine products. The F3 engine models are selling well. They intend to produce an S scale 'starter set'. A main MTH focus is promoting control of model railroads via their DCS system through an interface with digital mobile devices. website. Ed: a 2018 catalog is planned for release in the Fall of 2017.

Precision Flyer Repairs David Horn offers a service for repair and upgrades of traditional Gilbert AF products, as well as conversions to DCC compatibility. website.

Port Lines Hobbies Doug Peck had his usual large selection of S product available (estate sale items, too). A most unusual item was a Downs-produced circus train set. website.

The Railroad Crossing Richard Krieg had large selection of his custom structures available for sale. website.

River Raisin Models Dan Navarre was promoting his new brass project, an REA Express Refrigerator Car model. An early 2018 production run is anticipated. Also, he has received the pilot models for the 'Early Berkshire' project. The production run should begin soon. website.

Royal Train Equipment He had a large selection of detail parts to enhance layout scenic effects, as well as AF hopper/gondola loads (coal; scrap metal). website.

Rumbling Rails Engineering Robert Carter is developing a product with a 35 watt amplification system to enhance sound technology for layout effects. He is particularly focused on background sound effects (birds, bells,etc.). website.

Pikesville Models Dave Blum had his usual selection of traditional Gilbert AF products, as well as newer S product (American Models, etc). website.

S Scale Resource Glenn Guerra was there promoting their online magazine; free downloads of pdf files are available at the website. website.

In addition, numerous individual vendors were selling items from their personal collections. Overall, there was a nice selection of S products available, something of a rarity in most areas of the country.

August 12, 2017

2017 NASG Convention Updates


Just a few photos shared by those lucky enough to attend the 2017 NASG Convention in Timonium, Maryland. A video of the layouts can be seen here.

East West Rail Service Coal Trestle Kit (photo © Don Thompson)

The Wiener Train on the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers Tidewater Division Layout (photo © Bill Lane)

South Jersey S Gaugers Layout (photo © Bill Lane)

River Raisin's Pre-production Samples of 2-8-4 (photo © Bill Lane)

Module Set-up Time (photo © Don Thompson)
August 11, 2017

Welcome to the New NASG BOT Members


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At today's official NASG BOT board meeting at the 2017 NASG Convention in Timonium, Maryland, the newly-elected board takes over the NASG's leadership. Will Holt takes over as the new President from Bill Winans (thank you, Bill, for all that you have done over the years!). Since Will was the Central VP, Jay Mellon ran and was voted the new Central VP. Jeff English takes over as the new Eastern VP from Dave Heine (thank you, Dave, for all the work you've done!). Treasurer Michael Ferraro and Western VP Bill Roberts were re-elected this year. The other positions were not part of this year's election cycle.

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