About This Web Site

The purpose of this web site is:

  1. to aid the NASG organization;
  2. to support the "S" model railroading community;
  3. to provide information for those interested in S-scale modeling (in all its flavors).

We are always interested in improving this web site. If you would like to offer feedback, contribute photos, new ideas, or provide updated information, please contact the webmaster.

Menu Buttons

The buttons you see on the left- and right-hand side of the page are available on every page. This makes it easy for you to go from any page to any other page quickly. When you click on one of the buttons, a menu appears. Click on any of the entries on that menu to go to that page. The menu isn't one of those "twitchy" ones; it requires a click to show it and a click to dismiss it. The menus allow us to provide direct access to a lot of pages on this web site, and they can be easily extended over time if need be.

Button Content

The NASG button takes you to pages that contain information about the NASG itself, about applying for or renewing your NASG membership, access to the Members Only section of this web site, and many other member services. Anything specifically related to the NASG will be found there.

The News button leads to pages that show all the latest news related to modeling in S-scale (in all of its flavors).

The Events button leads to pages that list upcoming events that feature or have S-scale clubs showing their layouts, including information about the annual NASG Convention. Anything time-sensitive will be listed on those pages. You will find dedicated pages describing the annual multi-day events that involve S-scale modeling.

The Store button leads to our online store where you can buy the products the NASG has for sale, both to members and non-members.

The S Resources button links to the various categories of products that are available on the market for S-scale modelers. It quite literally lists all known companies, manufacturers, retailers, etc. that manufacture or carry anything useful to S-scale modelers.

The Scale Modeling button on the right takes you to pages that show modeling in the "scale" side of S-scale (standard- and narrow-gauge). Included are photos modelers have contributed to this web site, and a complete listing of previous and current-production S-scale engines, cars, trucks, structures, automobiles, loads, etc. There is also a page that contains hundreds of links to other web sites and online videos featuring S-scale modeling.

The American Flyer button links to pages that delve more deeply into A.C. Gilbert American Flyer products, topics, layout photos, collecting, and links to web sites and online videos. Note that the more modernday Lionel products, which are sold under the name "American Flyer", are covered in the "Scale Modeling" section of this web site.

The "S" Clubs button provides not only a complete listing of all known S-scale model railroad clubs, but also information about how the NASG supports S-scale clubs.

The Extra Board button leads to pages that don't really fit within any of the above categories, but still provide useful and interesting information, including a description of the photos you see in the home page rotation, manufacturers' history, S-scale product notes, general modeling notes, and site maps for this web site.

Going Back

On some pages, for example the various Product Gallery pages, you may follow a link to a secondary page. To return back to the previous page, you can hit the web browser's back button, or you can click on the big green left-pointing arrow in the top right corner of the web page (shown here on the right). Of course, you can always use the main buttons on the left- or right-hand side as well.

Common Tasks

Applying for NASG Membership

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Membership menu entry. There are yellow buttons there for joining the NASG.

Renewing NASG Membership

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Membership menu entry. There are yellow buttons there for renewing your NASG membership.

Contacting a Member of the Board

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Contact Us menu entry. Click on the name of the person to whom you would like to send an e-mail.

Contacting the Webmaster

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Contact Us menu entry. At the bottom of that page's "Appointed Positions" is a link to contact the webmaster.

"Members Only" Section

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Members Only menu entry. From there you can register, if you have not yet done so, and you can log in.

NASG Conventions

Click on the Events button on the left, and then click on the NASG Convention menu entry.

Finding a Document

Click on the NASG button on the left, and then click on the Downloadable Documents menu entry.


We heavily rely on members of the S-scale community (NASG member or not!) to provide the content of this web site, and to keep it fresh and updated. If you have any photos of your layout, a locomotive or car, or activities at an "S" event, please consider e-mailing that to the webmaster.

Find Out What's New

There are several ways by which you can stay up-to-date with what is new on this web site. These are as follows:

RSS feed - integrated into your web browser, so that you don't have to come to this site each time.
News button - shows all the latest news.
site map - lists all the pages, including by last-date-modified.

We'll delve into each of these a bit more below.

RSS Feed

(click icon to subscribe)

You may recognize the orange icon shown on the right. Many web sites support the "RSS" feed. "RSS" stands for "Really Simple Syndication". It provides a listing of recent updates made to the web site. When you "subscribe" to the RSS feed, your web browser should be able to show that listing, which means that you can quickly see if there have been any updates to the site, and, if so, follow a link directly to the updated page. The NASG web site supports an RSS feed. All you have to do is click the orange icon above right, and your web browser does the rest. Each web browser has their own way of integrating the RSS feed:

Internet Explorer: they are called RSS feeds (more info...).
Windows 10 Edge: does not support RSS feeds; use Internet Explorer instead.
Firefox: RSS feed subscriptions are called "Live Bookmarks" in the Firefox browser (more info...).
Google Chrome: doesn't support RSS feeds natively (install their browser extension, instead).
Opera: since Opera now uses the Chrome browser underneath, RSS feeds aren't directly supported (supported (more info...).
Safari: RSS feed subscriptions are supported (more info...).

Model Railroad Hobbyist (the free online magazine) has a great tutorial on YouTube talking about RSS feeds and how you can subscribe to them. Note that model railroaders who maintain their own web site about their layout may also have RSS feeds, so you can subscribe to any number of them.

News Button

This web site's webmaster makes every effort to stay on top of the latest news involving S-scale modeling (in all of its flavors). The information is then distilled and edited, and published to the News section of this web site. Click on the News button on the left to see all of the latest.

Site Map

A "site map" is usually a listing of all the pages found on that web site. The one for this web site is automatically updated each time an upload is made to this web site. To view the site map, click on the Extra Board button on the right, and then on the Site Map menu option. There you can view the pages by name or by date. Since we are discussing how to find the latest changes, click on the site map that is organized by last-modified date. Sometimes changes to pages are as trivial as fixing typos or grammatical errors (the webmaster is a real stickler for fixing those), adding some text, a photo, or a link somewhere, or even whole new pages.

How To Search This Site

To do a keyword search of this entire site, you might want to try the DuckDuckGo search engine. If you have never used this search engine, it is very easy to use. Just enter one or more keywords in the edit field at the top of its page, and press the magnifier glass icon/button. It will only show pages for this site. The search engine has a weird name, but it is simple, quick, and most importantly, it does not track what you search for, like the other search engines do.

Site Icon on Your Desktop

It is relatively easy to make a shortcut to the NASG web site on your computer's Desktop (i.e. background).

This example shows Windows 7, but this is a feature that is possible in all versions of Windows. It may be different using the Mac.

The technique shown here works for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox. It will also work for other web browsers. To make a Desktop icon to the NASG web site (or any other web site for that matter), do the following steps.

  1. Since you are already viewing the NASG web site, click on the NASG logo above left, to go to the NASG web site's home page.
  2. Make the web browser's window smaller, and move, minimize, or close any other applications that prevent you from seeing the Desktop in the background.
  3. Note a small icon to the left of the "https://www.nasg.org/" text in the web browser's address bar. The look of this icon may be different depending on which web browser you use or which version.
  4. Click on that icon with the left mouse button, and do not let go of the mouse button.
  5. Drag the mouse until it is over some open space in the Desktop. You will see a faint outline and a horizontal bar (as shown in the screen capture above).
  6. Once it is over some open space, let go of the mouse button.
  7. You will now have a Desktop icon that takes you directly to the NASG web site the next time you double-click on it.

Not Seeing the Latest?

If for some reason you are not seeing updates on one or more pages when you visit the NASG web site, it could be that your web browser is "caching" the information.

The quickest way to make sure you see the latest version of a page, especially pages that are updated regularly, is to press F5 or your web browser's Refresh button or menu command. This will force the browser to retrieve the latest version of the page. If that still doesn't work, read on.

To speed up your browsing of web sites, most web browsers will download the site's images, and sometimes even the texts, and store those on your computer. Then, later when you go visit the web site again, the browser will first check to see if the necessary images are already in your computer's storage. If so, it will load those instead, rather than get the same info from the NASG web site server again. The pages will appear faster for you.

However, if the site was just updated, it may not get the latest information. From a webmaster's point of view, each page could be set up to automatically force a download from the server each time visitors visit the page. However, that can be time-consuming, since a lot of the pages on this site don't really change that often.

If you experience the above-mentioned problem, you can tell your web browser to clear its "cache", so that it then goes and gets the latest data from the NASG web site server. To do this, for example in Microsoft Internet Explorer, click on its "Tools" menu, and then click on the "Internet Options" menu command. In the Internet Options window, be sure that the "General" tab is displayed. Click on the "Delete..." button in the second section, which is called "Browsing History". The Delete Browser History window appears. In that window, check the options shown in the screen capture below (right), and press the "Delete" button at the bottom of that window. When finished, close the two windows. The next time you visit the NASG web site (or any web site for that matter), you will be assured to get the latest information.

Firefox provides the same functionality via its "Tools | Options" menu command. In its Options window, click on the "Privacy" button along the top. In the second section, "History", click on the "Settings..." button to the right of "Clear history when Firefox closes". It has similar options to those that are shown in the screen capture above.

Google Tracking

The NASG web site does not use Google to measure web site traffic, so, here you are free from Google's tracking of your every move on the Internet. We only use generic server statistics, so there is no way for us to uniquely identify your visit to this site, nor see which pages you specifically went to visit. So, enjoy your visit to our site; no one is watching you! :-)

Web Site Security

We don't handle any credit card or other financial data on this web site. When you purchase something through this web site (membership renewal or hard goods), the information about what you want is added to the shopping cart. When you decide to buy the items, your shopping cart data is copied to PayPal, which is where you complete your financial transactions. PayPal is responsible for keeping your financial data secure (part of the reason why I, as webmaster, have to pay a monthly fee for PayPal's services).

So, does the NASG's web site need to be secure? Not explicitly, but nonetheless there are two reasons for why you might want to browse the NASG web site with encryption active:

1. When you log into the Members Only section of the web site, your personal information can be retrieved and shown on the site.
2. On a secure web site, no one can see what you are doing, or what you are typing into the web site's forms.

So, we strongly recommend that, even while just routinely browsing, that you use the secure version of the NASG web site. You can do so by using this address:


Note the "s". With the letter s, you are visiting the secure version; without it, you are visiting the non-secure version. With the secure version, no one can monitor what you are doing on this web site, or what data you are entering.

You may want to update any links you maintain to the site, such as in your web browser's bookmarks or favorites.

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