The National Association of S Gaugers (NASG)

What is the NASG?

Briefly, the NASG Inc. is a 501(c)7 "Fraternal/Educational" non-profit corporation, which acts as the umbrella organization representing the 1:64 model railroading community. It sets standards for S-scale and maintains lines of communication for S modelers everywhere. If you would like to learn more about the NASG and its history, be sure to visit the main About the NASG page, and the S-scale History page.

What Does the NASG Offer?

NASG Convention Vendor Hall
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We offer annual memberships which provide financial support to the organization. The membership benefits include the bi-monthly print magazine, The Dispatch, the ability to attend annual NASG Conventions, the ability to purchase the annual NASG AF Commemorative Car and certain products from the Company Store, promotional materials for S-scale clubs, and access to the "Members Only" section of this web site.

The NASG is the standards bearer for S-scale modeling. We set the track gauge standard, which the NMRA adopts for S-scale. The organization also provides communication lines between manufacturers, between manufacturers and modelers, and between modelers.

This web site you are viewing exists because of this organization.

Who Are the NASG?

Like any corporation, the NASG has a president, vice-presidents, secretary, and treasurer. These elected positions are there to keep the organization running and to make decisions about the direction of the organization. They are collectively known as the Board of Trustees. In addition, we have a number of appointed division heads who divide up the work that is performed by the NASG, such as maintaining membership records, the publishing of the Dispatch magazine, elections processing, maintaining the NASG library, managing the NASG's public promotions and advertising, offering for sale the annual cars and merchandise, editing and managing of this web site, and the various tasks involved in running the annual NASG conventions. These are all people who are NASG members who want to help out the organization on a volunteer basis, serving the membership at large. The main About the NASG page contains a listing of the current leadership positions.

However, the vast majority of the NASG membership consists of people who are simply interested in S-scale modeling, be that collecting original A.C. Gilbert American Flyer items, operating A.F. equipment, building A.F. or scale-compatible layouts, modules, or dioramas, scratchbuilding, or kit-building 1:64 models for either standard-gauge or narrow-gauge. If any kind of modeling in the 1:64 scale ratio is of interest to you, consider supporting our growing community by becoming an NASG member. And, yes, despite the general aging of the model railroading community, our organization seems to be increasing its membership numbers.

Lines of Communication

The bi-monthly magazine, The Dispatch, and this web site are the primary means by which the organization communicates with the membership at large.

If you wish to communicate with the overall membership, the best way to accomplish that is by sending a letter (or e-mail) to the editor of The Dispatch and/or contact the webmaster. If you wish to contact a member of the Board or one of the department heads, see the main About the NASG page for e-mail addresses. For those who prefer telephone conversation, log in to the Members Only section of this web site, and look up the member's information (note that members can restrict what is shown on that page).

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