About The National Association of S Gaugers

The NASG, Inc. is a 501(c)7 "Fraternal/Educational" non-profit corporation, which acts as the umbrella organization representing the 1:64 model railroading community (also known as "3/16-inch-to-the-foot", "S gauge", or "S-scale"). The NASG performs a wide range of activities in support of the S-scale world. It sets standards for S-scale and maintains lines of communication for S modelers everywhere. Through its bi-monthly magazine, "The DISPATCH", and through this public web site, the organization communicates news about local clubs, new products, events, and projects of interest to S modelers. The NASG also works closely with manufacturers and potential manufacturers to help provide products marketable to its membership. Donations made to the NASG are not tax-deductible on U.S. individual income tax returns.

NASG, Inc. Legal Documents

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NASG, Inc. By-Laws

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Board of Trustees

The NASG's Board of Trustees ("BOT") are elected by the general membership of the NASG, and they manage the day-to-day operation of the organization. They also set the future direction of the NASG. Any currently-active member of the NASG can run for any of these positions by contacting the Election Chairman.


Will Holt
term expires 2021

Executive Vice President

Jim Whipple
term expires 2023


Andy Malette
term expires 2023


Michael Ferraro
term expires 2021

Eastern Vice President

Jeff English
term expires 2021

Central Vice President

Jay Mellon
term expires 2021

Western Vice President

Peter Gehret
term expires 2021

Appointed Positions

To help manage the workload of running the NASG and its various duties and responsibilities, the NASG Board of Trustees selects one or more individuals from the NASG general membership to handle these various tasks. Any currently-active member of the NASG can offer his or her services to these duties by either contacting the current chairman, or a member of the NASG BOT. Click the name to start an e-mail message.

Contest Chairman:

Dick Karnes (contest@nasg.org)

Convention Committee Chairman:

Dave Blum (convention@nasg.org)

Dispatch Editor:

Bill Pyper (dispatch@nasg.org)

Dispatch Editor Emeritus:

Jeff Madden (dispatch_emeritus@nasg.org)

Election Committee Chairman:

Jamie Bothwell (election@nasg.org)

Insurance Coordinator:

Dave Blum (insurance@nasg.org)


Michael Greene (library@nasg.org)

Membership Secretary:

Dick Kramer (membership@nasg.org)

NASG Car Project (A.F. Commemorative Cars):

Dave Blum (carproject@nasg.org)

NASG Company Store:

Roy Meissner (clearinghouse@nasg.org)

NASG Special Project Committee Chairman:


Promotions Committee Chairman:

Gregory Klein (promotions@nasg.org)

Standards & Engineering Committee co-Chairman:

Gaylord Gill & Philip Sharp (engineering@nasg.org)


Peter Vanvliet (see: Contact the Webmaster)

Warning: the e-mail addresses shown on this page are intended for NASG use only, and using these addresses for anything other than NASG or S-scale purposes are grounds for legal action. We have zero-tolerance toward spam e-mail.

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