NASG Elections

Every odd-numbered year, the NASG holds elections for several positions within the NASG's Board of Trustees. The three Vice President positions are elected during each of those elections (serving two-year terms). Every other election, either the President and Treasurer are elected, or the Executive Vice President and Secretary are elected (all serving four-year terms).

Contact person: Jamie Bothwell

The 2019 Elections

then-President Bill Winans (right) introduces then-new Western Vice
President James McAuliffe (standing, center) at the 2013 General
Membership meeting
(photo © Peter Vanvliet; used by permission)

For the upcoming election, the Executive Vice President, Secretary, and three regional Vice Presidential positions are up for election. Those currently holding those positions can indicate that they would like to run again.

Who Can Run?
Additionally, any member of the NASG in good standing with the organization is eligible to nominate him- or herself for any of these positions. To nominate yourself, contact the Election Committee Chairman (see above) by November 15, 2018 with your intention to nominate yourself for a particular position. Members are also allowed to nominate another NASG member, but be sure to get that member's permission first.

Nomination Requirements
The Election Chairman will be able to provide you with more details, but generally a less-than-200-word description of why you want to run and, perhaps, your qualifications is generally needed. This text will likely be printed on the ballot or in the Dispatch for the general membership to read when voting.

The general membership will receive the ballots in the first half of 2019, which will either be mailed separately or included within the regular Dispatch mailing. The deadline for the voting ballot submission will be indicated on the ballot.

Election results will be posted on this web site and in the Dispatch. The successfully-elected candidates will become an active member of the NASG Board of Trustees during the election year's NASG Convention (i.e. the 2019 NASG Convention).

The tasks assigned to each NASG Board of Trustee member is described in the NASG's legal documents, links to which are provided below.

NASG, Inc. Constitution (specifically Article III and Article VI)

NASG, Inc. By-Laws (specifically Article V and Article VI)

NASG, Inc. Appendices (all)

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