NASG Josh Seltzer S Website Award

Purpose of the Award

To provide recognition to an individual, company, or group for its promotion of S scale modeling via any form of electronic media.

Josh Seltzer

The Josh Seltzer Award was created in 2003 with the first award given in 2004. The award is given in memory of Josh Seltzer. Josh was a real promoter of S scale model railroading, who always had time for answering questions and helping folks with their modeling efforts. Josh was an elected officer of the National Association of S Gaugers and of the Cuyahoga Valley S Gauge Association in Ohio. He was a first class modeler who made many contributions to model railroading and specifically the S modeling community. Originally the Josh Seltzer Award was designed to recognize those who have a passion for supporting and promoting S scale modeling via a web site on the World Wide Web. In 2014 NASG's BOT voted to expand the award to include any form of electronic media.

Award Specifics


The award is presented once a year at the NASG Convention, if there are worthy nominations.


The award is a plaque.


Selected by a majority vote of the NASG Board of Trustees from the entries nominated by any NASG member.


Appropriate nominations must be received for the award to be presented. Additionally, the award will not be presented to the same individual, company, or group a second time unless the BOT deems there is significant change in the media presented.


The cost of the plaque is funded by NASG.

Winners of the Award

2004 Craig O'Connell

2005 S-Helper Service

2006 Paul Yorke

2007 Bill Lane (for

2011 Peter Vanvliet (for

2012 Chris Borgmeyer (for and Peter Vanvliet (for

2014 S Scale SIG

2015 The S Scale Resource (Glenn Guerra and Dan Dawdy)

2016 Trevor Marshall

2017 (none)

2018 Trevor Marshall

2019 (none)

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