The Russell M. Mobley Memorial Library

As part of your NASG membership you have access to contents of the NASG's Library. The purpose of the Russell M. Mobley Memorial Library and Archive is to collect, maintain, and provide access to publications including books and magazines, photographs, references, electronic media, and physical artifacts about S-scale and the NASG. NASG members are allowed to borrow library materials or request copies of paper documents and electronic media.

Contact person: Michael Greene

The NASG Library was created in 2001, and it contains a wide variety of S-related materials. It has many issues of the various S magazines, as well as general model railroading ones such as Model Railroader. The predominant function of the Library is to provide photocopies of articles in these magazines. Some magazines restrict the right to make photocopies, in which case the Library loans the requested issue to the NASG member, much like your local library does.

The Library also maintains a sizeable collection of instruction sheets, as well as books and video cassettes. The instruction sheets are not yet fully cataloged, so ask the Librarian if you are looking for something specific. If you are looking for any of this kind of information, it doesn't hurt to send an e-mail to Librarian first.

How To Request Materials

When you request copies of magazines articles or to borrow library materials, please include the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your address (e-mail or mailing address)
  3. Your NASG membership number
  4. As precise a description as possible of what you are seeking

You may e-mail your request to Michael Greene, the NASG Librarian. Please put your NASG membership ID number in the subject line to avoid being flagged as "spam".

Or, you may post mail it to this address:

    Michael Greene, Librarian
    NASG Russell M. Mobley Library
    P.O. Box 2011
    Leesville, South Carolina 29070

How To Make Payments

Do not send payment (cash, check, or postage) in advance of your request. You should wait until you receive an invoice from the Librarian, which will be sent along with your request, and which will include the correct mailing address for payments.

Magazine Indexes

Copies of magazine articles are available at $0.10 per page. Mailing cost is extra. You may also request an electronic copy of the articles, which saves you the mailing cost.

The first five volumes of the S Gauge Herald are available on CD for $5 (postpaid). The CD contains each volume as a PDF and JPEG.

These next entries are Kalmbach's Train Index links, if available. You will need to register to gain access to the article indexes. Once you find the article of interest, contact the Librarian and ask for copies of the pages of the article.

Book Index

Individual Article Index

Video Cassette Index

Steve Blackburn of S-n-S Trains has generously donated one five-volume set of his "S Gauge Model Railroading" video cassette set to the Russell M. Mobley Library. Each tape is available for 30-day checkout for $3, the price of US domestic postage both ways. Each tape is shipped with a stamped, addressed return mailer. Non-U.S. members pay return postage; NASG puts delivery postage on a running 6-month tab for you. Each video tape (i.e. "volume") is described below.

  1. "In the Mountain West"
    Rich Anano's 100% AF layout, Boise, ID.
    S-West III, Coeur D'Alene, ID, 1998 featuring:
    - Ernie Horr's hirail "The Tinplate Road"
    - Ron Tilton's scale "Rocky Mountain Western"
    - Jesse Bennett's scale Great Northern Pacific.
  2. "Utah-Ohio Connection"
    Utah Golden Spike AF Club at GATS Show.
    Jim Lindsay's AF layout & collection
    Fred Alles' AF layout & collection, Kaysville, UT.
    Miami Valley (Ohio) S Gaugers mixed hirail/scale layout at 2000 Cincinnati GATS Show.
    Chris Burger's AF Christmas layout, Dayton, OH.
    Bob Gukian's hirail layout, Eaton, OH.
  3. "Steamtown to Careywood"
    2001 NASG National Convention, Scranton/Steamtown, PA
    Cuyahoga Valley S Gauge Association hirail/scale layout
    North Penn S Gaugers hirail layout
    Tom Robinson's hirail layout
    Bristol S Gaugers hirail/scale layout
    Neshaminy Valley AF Club's layout
    2001 NASG Convention tours featuring:
    - Bill Fraley's scale "Jefferson Central"
    - Frank Titman's scale "Spiral Hill RR"
    - Bert Mahr's scale "Conrail & Eastern"
    Steamtown Museum (12" = 1') & train ride
    Jesse Bennett's scale "Great Northern Pacific," Careywood, ID, with excellent commentary by Jess
    Tribute to Ernie Horr, operating Jesse's GNP in 1989
  4. "Hershey Bars to Baked Potatoes"
    Bill Fraley's scale "Jefferson Central," Hershey, PA
    Sam Rapp's hirail layout, Boise, ID construction sequences
    Frank Titman's scale "Spiral Hill RR," Allentown, PA
    Dave Heine's narrow-gauge "Lehigh & Western," Coopersburg, PA
    Bert Mahr's scale "Conrail & Eastern," Emmaus, PA
    S-'n-S Trains' can motor project, including installation tutorial
  5. "From the Free State to the Gem State"
    Baltimore AF Club's 2001 shows
    Bob Davison's trains featuring kitbashed N&W "J"
    Russell Weaver's traincam
    Steamtown 2001 NASG Convention featuring: - CN 2-8-2 #3254
    - Bill Fraley's scale Jefferson Central
    - Harry Kid's hirail layout with 30-car trains
    - Fred Riccupero's hirail layout & collection
    - Bristol club scale/hirail layout
    - Cuyahoga Valley club scale layout
    - Tom Robinson's hirail layout
    - S Helper Service display layout
    Rocky Mountain Hirailers sectional layout, Boise Amtrak station
    Sam Rapp's hirail layout
    Steve Blackburn's hirail layout reconstruction

Russell M. Mobley

In 1938, Russ Mobley, born in 1932, promised his mother that he'd stop sucking his thumb if she would buy him a train set. Since that time, Russ has done many things. He started as an A&P bag boy, spent 21 years in the United States Air Force, and drove an 18-wheeler semi, among other things. He lived in Texas, Ohio, Alaska, and Georgia.

In 1965, when the NASG was only five years old, Russ was designated by General Director Bernie Thomas to manage the round-robin letter "circuits". Upon Bernie's sudden death a month later, Russ became the third General Director of the NASG. Russ served until 1970, when Ed Schumacher took over. Since then, Russ had been a tireless NASG booster, introducing S-scale to kids, developing and marketing "Amity Star" kits, and promoting S at many different venues.

Russ was profiled in the Augusta Chronicle/Augusta Herald (Georgia), Sunday, Nov. 7, 1982, in the Nov. 1982 issue of Rural Georgia, the official publication of Georgia Electric Membership Corp., and in the Oct. 1994 issue of S/Sn3 Buyers' Guide. Some information about Russ can be found in the October 2001 issue of the Dispatch, starting on page 40.

Russ died in 2001. In his honor, the Russell M. Mobley Memorial Library was established in September, 2001, with Dick Karnes as its first Librarian. Michael Greene took over the position in 2011.

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