American Flyer Layouts

These are examples of A.C. Gilbert-based model railroads. Click on the entry to view the owner's layout or layouts. There are 37 layouts covered in this section.

?, Austin
?, Ivan
Aaron, Buddy
Avedesian, David
Bart's Pneumatics Corp.
Beckerle, Peter
Clark, Dave
Cooper, Ed
Deger, Joe
Doerry, Norbert
Drake, Bill
Eral, Charles
Guckian, Bob
Harger, Marvin
Heiderman, Joe
Hipskind, Bob
Marmer, Mike
McDonald, Paul
Murphy, Dennis
Porter, Bill
Puls, Ray
RC, Rich
Rogoski, Dave
Schlegel, Aaron
Schlegel, Fred
Schlicht, Ron
Sibbald, Alex
Tuveson, Carl
Tyner, David
Utes, Chuck
van der Lubbe, Fred
vanRugburn, Rufus
William, Cloud
Williamson, Bill

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