Sometimes S-scale is labeled as the "scratch-builder's scale". There was a time in the past where this was largely a requirement if you wanted something. Today, however, it is more of a personal choice. Just like in any other model railroading scale, if you want something specific, sometimes you have to resort to building it yourself from scratch. The purpose of this page is to provide some information, tips-n-tricks, and some inspirational examples.

Building things from scratch involves taking raw materials and turning them into realistic models. Materials can include wood, plastic, metal, card-stock, etc. Once the core model is built, you can add details you make yourself or those purchased from manufacturers, such as windows, doors, pipes, steps, grab-irons, etc., and/or any other item found in your "junk" drawer. Starting in the 2000s, we now also have available 3D-printed parts.

To help us narrow-down what we want to cover in this section of the web site, we are going to limit it to models for which the main core of the model was made from raw materials. 3D-printing offers a unique challenge in this classification, but we will also include 3D-printed models here, because most of those models will require some work to get the parts cleaned and prepped, and of course, they will need to be primed, painted, and decorated. We have a separate page dedicated to "kit-bashed" models.



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Here are some more S-scale scratchbuilding efforts available via other web sites.

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