Kitbashed Structures

This page contains photos and short descriptions of what modelers have done to create a unique structure, given some commercial base model. If you have such a model and can take a digital photo or two of it, feel free to contact the webmaster. Click the photos for a larger version.

Several S-scale modelers have successfully used HO-scale double-track bridges for their S-scale layouts. Basically, a heavy-duty or double-track HO-scale model makes a good medium-duty S-scale bridge.

The NASG Building on Dave Held's layout was shaped into a shallow-relief structure on Dave's "Dequindre Corridor".

copyright © Mark Charles; used by permission

This background building was created by Mark from a Monster Models 2-story Storefront, as shown on his home layout.

copyright © Mark Charles; used by permission

This magnificent model was built by Dick Karnes. It represents his layout's Union Station, which was created out of two Walthers HO-scale "Bailey Savings & Loan" kits. In addition to re-arranging the components, Dick also turned the doors upside-down. You can read more about this kit-bash in the October 2000 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman (page 74), as he won the "RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award" for that month.

copyright © Dick Karnes; used by permission
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