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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. The oldest photo is replaced each weekend, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Photo #1

Paul Washburn shares this photo with us. It shows his Southern Pacific M-9 #1807, which is a 2-6-0, crossing the Sunland wash, pulling a short freight train.

Photographer: Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Photo #2

MTH displayed their F3 engines at the 2017 NASG Convention. They also had a much larger display showing their collection of freight cars. MTH bought the tooling from S-Helper Service, and these F3 locomotives are made from those moldings. The significant delay was due to the electronics. The boards needed to be made smaller to fit in the S-scale engines, yet be more powerful to handle the larger demand for current. In the end MTH succeeded, and because of that, they are now able to reuse the electronics in their smaller O-scale locomotives as well. The next S-scale catalog from MTH is due later this year.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #3

Roy Hoffman's Penn Western Railroad is a large layout, measuring 29'x45', which features scenes from Pennsylvania, including the narrow-gauge EBT. Roy, a former NASG president, has written several articles about his layout in the NASG's The Dispatch, the S Gaugian, and the Model Railroader magazines.

Photographer: Roy Hoffman; used by permission.

Photo #4

Part of the scene of the layout by the "Sn2 Crew" set up at the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show in January 2016. The group is comprised out of a loosely-knit group of modelers whom have chosen to model in Sn2, which is S-scale, two-foot gauge. The layout is presented in a Free-mo-style and features mostly rural scenery.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #5

This photo was taken on Roger Nulton's layout. One of the things Roger enjoys modeling most is the "every day" ordinary life. This granite quarry is such a setting. Nothing out of the ordinary here; just day-to-day life at the quarry. What is especially interesting about this scene is the general messiness of it all. The longer you look at the photo, the more details you see. In addition to the Fall colors of the leaves on the trees in the background, there are the many different sizes of rocks strewn all over the place. Some blocks are intact, some are broken.

Photographer: Roger Nulton; used by permission.

Photo #6

Dan Naverre, of River Raisin Models, at the 2017 NASG Convention showing the pilot models of the Berkshires, being imported in 2017, and announcing their new project, the REA reefers.

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #7

On November 4, 2017 the Houston S Gaugers participated in the annual Texas City Model Train Festival. Due to the size of our layout, as well as a fellow G-gaugers layout, the club is placed in the building across from the Texas City museum's main building. This year's new addition to our layout is a contribution by a new member to our club, Dan T., which is a manual lift-up bridge to allow the club members to easily get in and out of the layout's interior. The bridge was made out of 80/20, Inc.'s "Industrial Erector Set" components. Dan reported that they worked with him to come up with the CAD design, sent him the components once they had agreed on the final dimensions and he made the payment, and he then built the module's framework from that. The bridge rails are by Central Valley Model Works, and the rock work was done using Bragdon Enterprises' Geodesic Foam. Dan (shown on the right-hand side in the photo) is an Sn3 modeler, so he included a third track that is Sn3, which allows him to set up some work equipment on the track. Structures and scenery complete the work he did in this inaugural showing of the modular bridge at this show. On left-hand side in the photo is club member Ron R.

Photographer: Peter Vanvliet; used by permission.

Photo #8

This photo was taken on Dave Held's layout. Dave's layout, the Port Huron & Northern Railroad, measures 57'x25'. The photo features an Overland Models Alco S-1 switcher that Dave painted. These brass models, sold in 1986, arrived unpainted. The engine is pulling one of the early American Models insulated box cars built from a kit.

Photographer: Brooks Stover; used by permission.

Photo #9

Bob Werre shared this photo of his Southern Pacific F-5 passing by a road crossing. It is such a common and simple scene, yet it looks so real. The 2-10-2 was built by Boo-Rim Precision out of Seoul, Korea, and sold by River Raisin Models in 2008.

Photographer: Bob Werre; used by permission.

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