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These are the current photos in background rotation on the home page. Click the photo below to see the larger version used on the home page. The oldest photo is replaced each weekend, so there is always something new to see. To maintain that pace, we need your photo!

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Photo #1

This photo shows the Southern Pacific's streamlined "Daylight" train running on Bob Hogan's layout. The Daylight train ran between Los Angeles and San Francisco from 1937 through 1974. The first run in 1937 was pulled by the SP GS-2 steam locomotive. Steam continued to pull this famous train until January 1955 when diesel locomotives finally took over. In S-scale the Daylight passenger cars have been produced by American Models and Lionel. Layout owner Bob Hogan specializes in passenger trains and he will do custom work for S-scale modelers. Union Station Products is a company that specializes in passenger car sides that can be applied to American Models core models. An S-scale SP GS-4 brass locomotive with the Daylight skirting was imported by Overland Models in 1983.

Photographer: Bob Hogan; used by permission.

Photo #2

This photo was taken of Dave Campbell's "Fourville Branch Line Railroad" layout. The Rocket has arrived the Middletown station. The layout has been featured in several magazine articles. You can see more photos on the Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers' web site.

Photographer: Brooks Stover; used by permission.

Photo #3

Craig Raymond is the only well-known Sn3 modeler in the Houston, Texas area. If you have been to any of the local shows, including the 2010 Sn3 Symposium, you will have had an opportunity to visit this fantastic layout. It is quite large and fully scenicked and detailed. If you are in the Houston area on a weekend during November, you might also be able to visit his layout as part of the annual San Jacinto Model Railroad Club's Fall Tours.

Photographer: Peter Vanvliet; used by permission.

Photo #4

There are several photos of Paul Washburn's creations on this web site. He is an amazing master builder, quietly working away until one day he reveals his next project. The wooden steeple cab Tidewater Southern Railway #100 was completely built from scratch using styrene and brass wire. Paul powers the model with two NWSL Stanton drives (part #39811-4). Prototype photos can be found on this page. Some more historical information can be found on this web page. Information about the Tidewater Southern itself can be found on this Wikipedia page, where TS #100 is listed as having been built in 1912 from a flat car of all things (in service from 1914 through 1948)!

Photographer: Paul Washburn; used by permission.

Photo #5

Ed Sauers' layout was open during the home tours of the 2017 NASG Convention. Ed models the B&O. The January/February 2018 issue of the NASG's Dispatch has many more photos of the layout, including ones taken by Ed himself. The 17'x31' layout's track plan, originally drawn by former Dispatch editor, Jeff Madden, was redrawn and updated by Joe Kimber and is included in that article. The NASG's Dispatch is part of your NASG membership (hint, hint!).

Photographer: Bill Lane; used by permission.

Photo #6

The October 1998 NASG Dispatch has the following caption under this photo: "Best in Show Award went to Jay Rogers for his excellent detailed diorama of a Mich Del Logging Repair Facility. This was also the Master Craftsman 1st place award for dioramas." Bob Werre, who was the NASG's official photographer, took this photo at the 1998 NASG Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Photographer: Bob Werre; used by permission.

Photo #7

Dick Karnes recently became NMRA's MMR #606. Looking at a photo like this explains why. He is a fantastic modeler. Dick's layout, the New York, Westchester & Boston, focuses on heavy electric engines. It measures 12'x43', and includes hand-laid track and overhead lines. Those who have had the opportunity to operate this layout, say it is a wonderful experience.

NYW&B electric #4523, center, heads a Boston-bound passenger train through the Troy terminal throat past Burnham Tower while New Haven-bound electric freight motor #1217, right, awaits its turn at the diamond.

#4523's body consists of a Dan Olson molding of a Dick Karnes pattern (pattern now owned by Tom Hodgson/American Hirail). It sits on an E-7 chassis scratchbuilt by Barney Daehler. #1217 was built from a couple of American Flyer caboose bodies atop a scratchbuilt frame with Clouser O-scale lead trucks and a Cleveland Union Terminal power truck built 60 years ago by Bob Garrelts. The signal bridge is a kitbashed Plasticville model. The BH tower on the left is a River Raisin Models plaster kit.

Photographer: Dick Karnes; used by permission.

Photo #8

Bob Hogan's Sierra Northern railroad is one of the top examples of a finished layout. This view is of #2484, a Southern Pacific 4-6-2. The SP P-10 class locomotives, built by Baldwin in 1923/4, originally came with the SP's Daylight skirting. However, that was removed over time.

Photographer: Bob Hogan; used by permission.

Photo #9

This photo was taken during the 2014 NASG Convention when Steve Lunde's layout was open for the layout tours. Steve's layout would be classified as "hi-rail" in that he uses American Models code 148 rail. He uses closed-frog style of turnouts. The advantage is that he can run both AF and "scale" equipment. You can see more photos of Steve's layout on the Badgerland S Gauger's web site.

Photographer: Bill Winans; used by permission.

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