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This web site would not be what it is today if it wasn't for the contributions of the individuals listed on this page. As webmaster, I am just the editor of the content that people provide me. I created this page to say a big "THANK YOU" to those who took the time to photograph, document, and/or provide key data to help keep the content current, accurate, and relevant for all S-scale modelers.

Contact person: webmaster

Adrian Phillips
Alex Sibbald
Allen Ambler
Alvin Clapp
Andy Malette
Arden Goehring
Barry Rosier
Bill Bartlam
Bill Fraley (d)
Bill Green
Bill Hoss
Bill Lane
Bill Pyper
Bill Roberts
Bill Winans
Billy Click
Bob Frascella
Bob Hogan
Bob Werre
Brian Jackson
Brian Nicholson
Brooks Stover
Carl McAbee
Charles Malinowski
Chris Elliott
Chris McChesney
Chris Rooney
Chuck Kemper
Chuck West
Colin Stewart
Craig Tomita
Dale Minard
Dan DeSantis
Dan Navarre
Dan Vandermause
Darby Marriott
Dave Blum
Dave Engle
Dave Heine
David Campbell
David Dewey
David Held
David Peterson
David Tyner
David Wheat
Dean Odiorne
Dean Hall
Dick Karnes
Dick Kramer
Don Miholovich
Don Thompson
Doug Peck
Earl Knoob
Ed Cooper
Ed Kirstatter
Ed Loizeaux
Ed Sauers
Eric Hopkins
Fred van der Lubbe
Gaylord Gill
George Courtney
George Sorensen
Gerry Evans
Glenn Ritter
Gregg Mummert
Hank Worrell
Hillary Hutton
Holt Apgar
Howard Sheffield
Hugh Sinn
Jace Kahn
Jack Sudimak
Jack Troxell (d)
Jamie Bothwell
Jay Mellon
Jeff Kruger
Jeff Madden
Jerry Holmes
Jerry Poniatowski
Jim Bresnahan
Jim Finnell
Jim Hammond
Jim Kindraka
Jim King
Jim Malone
Jim Martin
Jim Syphax
Jimmy Booth
Joe Dale Morris
Joel Magee
John Albee
John Degnan
John Eichmann
John Gibson
John Hall
John Johnston
John Sudimak
John Zurad
John Winterfeld
Jon Knox
Jonathan Hatfield
Ken Garber
Ken Palmer
Ken Zieska
Kevin Timko
Lee Rainey
Luther Stephens
Mark Charles
Mark Hieger
Mark Klemens
Matt Ward
Markus Zoschg
Michael Eldridge
Michael Fox
Michael Martin
Michael McConnell
Mike Fyten
Mike Marmer
Mike McKenzie
Mike Swederska
Paul Scoles (d)
Paul Washburn
Pete Silcox
Peter Beckerle
Peter D'Orazio
Philip Johnson
Pieter Roos
Randall Griggs
Randy Brown
Raymond Hall
Rich Gajnak
Robert Frascella
Robert Nicholson
Roger Nulton
Roman Papierz
Ron Kemp
Ron Rosenquist
Ron Sebastian
Roy Hoffman
Roy Inman
Roy Meissner
Rusty Paulus
Rusty Rustermier
Sam Powell (d)
Stephen Gross
Stephen Hatch
Steve Depolo
Steve Elliott
Steve Monson
Steve Terni
Steve Wolcott
Ted Hamler
Ted Larson
Terry O'Kelly
Terry Sprankle
Tom Detmer
Tom Henderson
Tom Lennon
Tom Nebelsick
Tom Robinson
Trevor Marshall
Vic Cherven
Wally Collins
Willy Monaghan

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