Flyer Fest West

Each year there is a "Fest" held in California. It is rotated among three clubs, namely the Golden Gate American Flyer Club, the Sacramento Valley American Flyer Club, and the Southern California S Gaugers. When it is held by the Golden Gate or Sacramento Valley club, the event is called the "Flyer Fest West"; when it is held by the Southern California S Gaugers, it is called the "S Fest West". The Flyer Fest West is a gathering of American Flyer and hi-rail enthusiasts. It is held for several days, and offers how-to clinics, contests, vendors, local layout tours, etc.

Even though the NASG is not directly involved with Flyer Fest West shows, we still wanted to have a page dedicated to this annual meeting, sharing what information we have collected from past shows, what is coming up this year, and which ones are already planned for future years. If you want to stay up on the latest related to Flyer Fest West shows, bookmark this page.

2018 Flyer Fest West

The 2018 show has not yet been announced.

Past Flyer Fest West Shows


San Mateo, CA
Golden Gate American Flyer Club
Event Web Site:
Convention Car:

Lionel Deep Rock Tank Car


San Francisco, CA
Convention Car:

American Models Gondola (two colors)

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