The NASG Dispatch

The Dispatch is the bi-monthly magazine of the NASG published in January, March, May, July, September, and November of each year. Each issue is full of information on various aspects of S-scale (1:64) model railroading, including topics such as standard-gauge modeling, narrow-gauge modeling, hi-rail modeling, and American Flyer collecting and operating. The Dispatch is included as part of your NASG membership.

Each issue contains over 30 pages with color photos, professional-quality track plan designs, editorials, how-to modeling articles, layout feature articles, and several regular columns. Printed on high-quality paper. Pictured on the right is the current issue.

For NASG members whom have also signed up for access to the "Members Only" section of this web site, the PDF of the new issue will be available as soon as the webmaster receives it from the editor.

Contact person: Richard Caugherty (editor)

Advertising: Norman Bos (advertising manager)

About the Editor

Richard Caugherty started as the NASG's Dispatch editor with the May 2020 issue.

Previous editor, Bill Pyper's last issue was the March/April 2020 issue. Bill is now enjoying his retirement, building a new layout.

Back Issues

We have our complete collection of Dispatch back issues available on this web site. This also includes the complete article index. If you want to receive a print copy of a back issue, the current NASG policy is to contact a member of the NASG BOT to purchase the issue; the BOT has disallowed the sale of magazines on this web site.

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Get Published!

We invite you to write an article, submit a photo, or even consider becoming a regular columnist. The NASG does not pay for articles published in the Dispatch, but it is a great place to gain experience if you've never written an article before. The editor will provide his assistance. Be sure to read this document:

View "Guidelines for Dispatch Authors"

What Do Think of the Dispatch?
If you think the Dispatch has too much AF-related content, submit a "scale" or narrow-gauge article. If you think the Dispatch has too much "scale" content, submit an AF-related article. The editor can only publish articles from what has been submitted to him.

File-sharing Services
There are many file-sharing services available, and they may make your life easier. However, from the Dispatch editor's perspective, they tend to create a bunch of extra overhead. With time being a limited resource, when submitting content for possible publication, please do not use a file-sharing service that requires any kind of log-in, account-creation, or other such efforts. Content can be submitted as attachments to one or more e-mail messages, or by copying the files onto a CD or DVD and mailing it via postal mail. If you have your own web site, you could also temporarily upload the files to a temporary page, and notify the editor of that page, so that he can download the files from there (be sure to remove the files from your server later).

Publishing Deadlines

Deadlines are only applicable to time-sensitive material; all other content submitted for possible publication are published at the editor's discretion.

Advertising in the Dispatch

Classified Ads

You can place a classified (non-commercial) ad in the Dispatch for free, if you are an active NASG member (be sure to include your NASG membership number). To place an ad, contact the advertising manager via e-mail or postal mail.

Booster Ads

Any NASG member club, individual member, or dealer can purchase a Dispatch booster ad at any time. To place an ad, contact the advertising manager via e-mail or postal mail.

postal address:
Richard Caugherty, Editor
714 Twin Oak Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

Dispatch Advertising

If you are interested in discussing advertising opportunities in the Dispatch, please contact the advertising manager via e-mail or postal mail. Because we keep PDF files of back issues on this web site, your advertising dollars will continue to work for you as members and non-members read those back issues. You can now pay for your Dispatch advertising via our online store, if you so desired.

The Dispatch is funded by the NASG's annual membership fees. An ad helps offset costs, may prevent the need to raise the membership fees, or might allow for more color content, or possibly more pages per issue.

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