NASG Appendices

Appendix A

Pursuant to Article IV, Section 5 of the NASG Constitution and Article VI, Section 5 of the NASG By-Laws, The NASG Board of Trustees will adhere to these guidelines and procedures in conducting business throughout the calendar year.

There will be a minimum of one face to face meeting of the BOT annually. BOT members are expected to make effort to be present or to follow the proxy procedures outlined in Article III, Section 6, of the NASG By-Laws. Procedures for this meeting are as outlined in Article IV of the NASG Constitution.

BOT business conducted via email, agreed on-line/ electronic formats or conference call will adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. As part of the commitment to serve NASG, BOT members are strongly urged to prepay dues for their entire term. Only BOT members in good standing may participate in BOT business, including conference calls, and presenting or seconding motions before the Board. "Good standing" is defined as a BOT member with their dues paid.
  2. Except in emergencies, conference calls with the entire BOT will be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance. A quorum of five (5) BOT members will be needed on a call to consider and vote on motions or any other official NASG business.
  3. The Secretary or a designate will take minutes for BOT conference calls where a quorum is present.
  4. It is the expectation a BOT member will make every effort to check their electronic messages a minimum of once per week.
  5. Motions must have a second submitted by a different BOT member than the one making the motion to be official. When done electronically, the Secretary shall use the time stamp of the message posting to determine the official seconding of a motion. No motion may be voted on without a second of that motion and no vote will be counted prior to the time stamp of a motion's second.
  6. If an electronically submitted motion does not have a valid second within 72 hours of its posting, it shall be considered void and withdrawn from discussion or voting by the BOT.
  7. Only one official motion may be discussed by the BOT at any given time. Discussion begins after the motion is seconded. A call for the vote will occur after the discussion period and end discussion or amendments to the motion.
  8. When a motion is put out for an electronic vote, the voting period will be seven (7) consecutive days from the beginning of the vote. The voting will then be closed and the votes recorded by the Secretary as: "For", "Against", "Abstain" or "Not Voting".
  9. During the seven (7) day voting period no new motions may be discussed or placed before the BOT until the open motion voting is complete.
  10. The Secretary shall keep a printed record of all seconded motions including voting results for the NASG Archive. To aid the Secretary in maintaining proper documents and Archives, motions must be made available to the Secretary in writing, including handwritten minutes from BOT conference calls, emails or other printable electronic communications.

Appendix B

The primary role of the Regional VPs is to vote for or against motions before the Board of Trustees (BOT) while acting as representatives for their constituent members in their respective regions. They are also expected to assist the members in their region with any NASG related problem, or to forward suggestions from their members for BOT consideration. In order to accomplish this, each Regional VP is responsible for following, within practical limitations, the list of duties below:

Membership Renewals
With the assistance of the Membership Secretary, contact persons in each region who have failed to renew their membership. Determine the reason, and if possible, encourage each person to renew. Report findings to the Membership Secretary and the BOT.

"S" Clubs
Contact known "S" clubs within each region for the purpose of promoting the NASG and collecting feedback concerning how the NASG can better serve "S" hobbyists. Provide this feedback to the NASG BOT for possible action.

VP Support Group
Communicate periodically with each other in order to become more effective. Exchange ideas and suggestions, and provide mutual support for each other. Develop coordinated proposals for BOT consideration. These proposals could range from ad hoc projects to new committees and/or changes to the By-Laws and/or Constitution.

Model Railroad Shows & Conventions
When practical, work to build an NASG presence at major shows and conventions in the region, while coordinating with the Promotions Committee which has the primary responsibility for this. Work to build the visibility of S scale within the region with open houses, attending NMRA regional and division meets (display S scale), etc..

Additional Duties
Perform other tasks as authorized by the BOT. (Currently, the annual awards program is managed by the Western Region VP, and the Survivor Assistance Program by the Eastern Region VP.)

Original: D Karnes
Revised: 07-01-2011, J Kindraka
Revised: 07-15-2014 W Winans BOT approved 7/25/14

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