NASG Awards

The NASG has established a number of awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the world of "S" modeling. The NASG Board of Trustees (BOT) takes a vote each year on the nominations received for each of the potential awards. Any NASG member in good standing can submit his or her recommendation for a nomination to the Western Vice-President, who then presents them to the BOT for a vote. So, if you see any award with "(none)" next to it, it quite literally means no one nominated anyone for that award, so get your nominations in for the next BOT vote! The "Trustees' Award" is purely selected by the BOT only.

Contact person: Peter Gehret (western vice-president)

2021 NASG Awards

Shown below are the names of the winners announced during the 2021 NASG Convention (the Convention itself was canceled, but the NASG BOT still held a vote on the nominations received). Click the award title to learn more about the award itself.

Bernie Thomas Memorial Award:

Jamie Bothwell

Charles Sandersfeld Memorial Manufacturer's Award:

River Raisin Models

Perles Publication Award:

Cody Grivno &
Jerry Holmes

Josh Seltzer Award:

Andrew Malette

Trustees' Award(s):

Joe Kimber


Most model railroaders are aware of the NMRA's "Master Model Railroader" achievement program. This is a program wherein modelers are required to fulfill a certain number of tasks to the satisfaction of judges, earning seven certificates (out of a possible 11) in various specialty fields. So, while we are on the topic of awards, the following individuals, modeling in S-scale (now, or at the time of certification), have attained the status of "Master Model Railroader". Click the names to see some of their modeling efforts.

Kenneth D. Ehlers, MMR #119 (Sn3)

Pete Moffett, MMR #143 (Sn42)

Jim Kellow, MMR #202 (O & S)

John J. Mann, MMR #213 (S)

Ken Stanley (d), MMR #274 (Sn3)

Max Maginness, MRR #315 (Sn42)

Paul Scoles (d), MMR #331 (Sn3)

David Woodrell, MRR #337 (Sn3)

Peter Bellos (d), MMR #386 (Sn3)

Mike Braunstein, MMR #416 (S/Sn3)

Chip Romig (d), MMR #423 (S)

Brooks Stover, MMR #428 (S)

Roger Nulton, MMR #445 (S)

Mark L. Evans, MMR #500 (Sn3)

Jerry Wilson, MMR #577 (Sn3)

William (Bill) Busacca, MMR #587 (S)

Dale Kreutzer, MMR #588 (Sn3)

Richard (Dick) Karnes, MMR #606 (S)

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