The Annual Member Car Program

This NASG program was started in 2020. The current plan is to offer a car each year by any manufacturer. The cars will be offered with either American Flyer-compatible couplers and wheels (a.k.a. "hi-rail"), or "scale" wheels and couplers. These cars can only be ordered by active NASG members.

Contact person: Chuck Kemper

The purpose of this page is to list all the cars produced under this NASG program. To see which ones are still available for sale, see the "Annual Member Cars" Store page.


The Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway (reporting mark MNS) was an 87-mile Class I, standard-gauge, shortline that connected Minneapolis, Minnesota and Northfield, Minnesota. The railroad lasted from 1918 until 1986 when it was merged and integrated into the SOO Line. The railroad's nickname was the "The Dan Patch Line", named after the founder's favorite horse, Dan Patch.

The model is a 50-foot ribbed box car manufactured by American Models. It is available with two correct road numbers (#49415 and #49897), and with AF-compatible, or "scale", couplers and wheels. The models arrived in July 2020 and sold out in November 2021.

American Models final production model


This year's car is the Pullman Standard 4427cuft, low-side, three-bay, covered hopper. These PS-2-design cars have a 4-3-4 exterior rib profile. The cars were introduced in the early 1960s, carrying dry commodities, including grain, corn, wheat, flour, etc. These were designed by Pullman to replace the box cars equipped with grain doors which were so common for this service prior to these. The "PS-2CD 4427" cars were very successful and were seen all over the United States, and can still be found in active service today. This particular car is labeled for the General Electric Railcar Services Corporation's TLDX (formerly Transport Leasing, a Division of Pullman, Inc.), and decorated with "Gold Kist" "Atlanta, Georgia". Gold Kist was started in 1933 as a cooperative to help farmers in Georgia who raised chickens (e.g. providing them with chicken feed). In 2004 it changed to a for-profit corporation listed on the NASDAQ. In 2006 the company was bought out by Pilgrim's Pride Corp.

The model is a 50-foot 3-bay covered hopper manufactured for us by American Models. These have the original gold-colored sides and black ends. The cars are available in either of two correct road numbers (#5619 and #5623), and with AF-compatible, or "scale", couplers and wheels. The models arrived in July 2021 and sold out in January 2022.

American Models final production model
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